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Andy Cohen Confronts Kim Zolciak, Thinks She’s Hiding Plastic Surgery on Her Face

Andy Cohen and Kim Zolciak
Andy Cohen confronted Kim Zolciak on Watch What Happens Live on Aug. 16.

Not backing down! Kim Zolciak appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday, Aug. 16, but instead of light and fluffy questions, host Andy Cohen quickly got to business. 

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When a caller asked if the Don’t Be Tardy star, 37, had gotten any plastic surgery done to her face, Zolciak replied, “I hear you, and I hear this all the time. But I want people to understand that I had a baby in 2011, one in 2012, and two in 2013, so I think the weight of all that, but no, I mean I haven’t. I did my boobs, my tummy, I did it on my show, and just I haven’t.”

A skeptical-looking Cohen wouldn’t let that answer go. He said that he thought she was wearing a pair of “librarian-that-can-be-seduced glasses” in order to hide the work she’s had done to her face. 

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“I’m thinking, it is to take away from the fact that you have had a little bit shaved off your nose,” the candid host said. “I really feel that way. You have a little bit shaved off your nose and your lips are bigger.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum insisted she hadn’t had anything done other than overdrawing her lip liner. Cohen even asked Zolciak’s 18-year-old daughter, Brielle, who was in the audience, if she could clear it up for them. 

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“Look at my nose and look at her nose side by side,” Brielle shouted from her seat. “I feel like they look the exact same!”

Zolciak was insistent that she had been upfront about with all of her procedures. 

“Andy, I’m very honest with plastic surgery and I’ve never hidden anything,” the mother of six said. “We all know I do Botox. I’m a big fan of it. My lips are definitely overdrawn.” 

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Finally Cohen conceded, “I don’t know why you would deny it. I will say that.”

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