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Anne Hathaway Talks About That Period When Everyone ‘Hated’ Her: It ‘Has Nothing to Do With Me’

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway on March 28, 2017 in New York City.Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Anne Hathaway is more than aware that she was disliked for no particular reason four years ago. During a recent interview with Jezebel at a press junket for her upcoming film Colossal, Hathaway admitted that she still gets asked about being disliked.

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The Les Miserables star, who plays a disgraced internet writer in the upcoming film, told Jezebel that she can see why people would bring up the “Everyone Hates Anne Hathaway” articles in relation to her character, Gloria, but she’s ready to move on.

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“It’s not that I’ve gotten a rhino skin to it, but I sort of see all of that for what it is. … How the world feels about me has nothing to do with me. How other people treat me has nothing to do with me,” she shared. “But if anything that anybody said resonated with me as something I’d like to work on for myself, I took it in like that. And to that extent, I feel like I got to shortcut a lot of my growth. To that extent, even though I wouldn’t have chosen to go through it, I still found a way to be grateful to it.”

She has, however, not found the same peace with social media. For example, after posting the first-ever photo of her son on Instagram on March 9, she told Jezebel that she regretted it.

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“I decided to post a shot of the back of his head, and almost as soon as I’d done it, I wished that I hadn’t,” she shared. “I felt like I had broken some kind of a seal in inviting people into my life.”

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