Apple’s Siri Will Correct You If You Call Caitlyn Jenner Bruce — See Her Response

Caitlyn Jenner
Apple's Siri corrects users who call Caitlyn Jenner Bruce 

Sassy Siri has no time for those not up to date with Caitlyn Jenner’s historic transition from male to female. Apple’s digital assistant will now correct you if you call the I Am Cait star Bruce Jenner.

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For example, if you ask Siri, “How tall is Bruce Jenner?” Siri will correct you, informing you that the transgender star “Caitlyn Jenner is 6’2” tall.” 

“What is Bruce Jenner’s real name,” one user posted a screenshot to Tumblr asking her device, which informed her: “The full name of Caitlyn Jenner is Caitlyn Jenner.”

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Siri similarly has little patience for those who don’t understand basic math. As previously reported, Siri will shame you if you ask what zero divided by zero is. 

Although Siri has Jenner’s back and gets algebra right, Apple’s device isn’t perfect. As proven by The Verge, when you ask Siri what Bruce Jenner’s gender is, she answers “female,” but if you ask "how old is Bruce Jenner,” Siri answers: “Bruce Jenner is 65” along with Caitlyn’s Wikipedia page.

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Siri’s gender appropriation is just one of the many steps forward for Kris Jenner’s former spouse, who is due at the ESPYS in Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 15, where she’s being honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. 

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