Bachelor Evictee Michelle: “I Was In It Full Force” with Jake Pavelka


Laughing through the tears?

On Monday's episode of The Bachelor, Michelle became the second contestant to take an extra-premature exit. (During a group date, Michelle waffled over her chemistry with Jake Pavelka. She offered to stay, but Pavelka quipped " I think it would be better if you did leave," and hailed her a cab.)

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The booted contestant appears on Wednesday's Ellen, and tells Ellen DeGeneres "I laugh about it!" as she recounts how it all went wrong. "You have to expect something like that going into the show," she says.

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Michelle tells DeGeneres that she sensed "hesitation" from Pavelka when she asked if she could kiss him — and that it hurt. "I was in it full force," Michelle sayd, "I didn't feel anything back from him so why waste each other's time?"

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She blames the tepid encounter on the "group date" format: "It would have been different if we had one-on-one date," she said. "It was like eight of us and it was the whole day and evening; I didn't even get to talk to him until that night. "

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The rose-less contestant admits that, if asked by Pavelka, she would go return to the show in a heartbeat. I would go back. Of course, it's too late now."

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