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Britney Spears Shares What She Wants to Do Post-Conservatorship, Calls Out ‘Church-Going Mother’

Britney Spears Calls Out Her ‘Church-Going Mother’ Post-Conservatorship
Britney Spears. Jason Szenes/EPA/Shutterstock

Looking forward. Now that Britney Spearsconservatorship is officially terminated, the singer couldn’t wait to share her plans for the future — while calling out the people who tried to prevent her from getting there.

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The singer, 39, opened up about coming to terms with how “demoralizing and degrading” it was to have her family and the conservatorship controlling her life.

“I’m not even mentioning all the bad things they did to me which they should all be in jail for … yes including my church going mother !!!!” the “Circus” performer, 38, wrote alongside a video via Instagram on Tuesday, November 17. “I’m used to keeping peace for the family and keeping my mouth shut … but not this time … I have NOT FORGOTTEN and I hope they can look up tonight and know EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN !!!!”

Spears, who was placed under a conservatorship in 2008, explained that it was “a really long time to be in a situation you don’t want to be in.”

“So I’m just grateful honestly for each day and being able to have the keys to my car, and being able to be independent and feel like a woman,” the Mississippi native explained in the clip. “Owning an ATM card, seeing cash for the first time, being able to buy candles …”

The songwriter expressed hope that her experience would “make an impact and make some changes in the corrupt system.”

“I’m not here to be a victim. I lived with victims my whole life as a child, that’s why I got out of my house and I worked for 20 years,” she continued. “I’m here to be an advocate for people with real disabilities and real illnesses. I’m a very strong woman, so I can only imagine what the system has done to those people.”

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Spears made headlines earlier this year after breaking her silence about her conservatorship at an emotional hearing. Following the court appearance in June, the dancer was allowed to choose her own legal counsel for the first time since the conservatorship was put into place.

At the time, her mother, Lynne Spears‘ attorney, Gladstone Jones, said that her client is a “very concerned mother” after hearing her daughter’s pleas to gain control of her personal and financial decisions again.

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After the judge terminated Britney’s conservatorship on Thursday, November 12, the “Toxic” singer acknowledged the role that her fans played in securing her freedom.

“The #FreeBritney movement — you guys rock,” Britney added on Tuesday, “My voice was muted and threatened for so long and I wasn’t able to speak up or say anything and because of you guys and the awareness of kind of knowing what was going on, and delivering that news to the public for so long, you gave awareness to all of them. Because of you I honestly think you guys saved my life, in a way. 100 percent.”

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