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Camel Milk Is Getting Popular – But Who’s Actually Drinking It?

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Forget soy or dairy milk, how about some camel milk in your morning coffee? Though it may sound strange, the alternative milk has long been popular in parts of Africa and the Middle East, and demand for it is now steadily increasing in other parts of the world – including in the U.S.

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According to the Washington Post, the beverage, which is slightly saltier than regular milk, is becoming increasingly popular because of its numerous health benefits. In fact, Bloomberg News reports camel milk has five times the vitamin C and 10 times the iron as cow’s milk, and it’s lower in total fat and saturated fat than its dairy-based counterpart.

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Furthermore, camel milk’s lack of whey proteins and low lactose content makes it a suitable option for people with dairy allergies. A Dubai-based company called Camelicious has even developed a baby formula from camel’s milk, which, according to Camelicious deputy general manager Mutasher Awadh Al Badry, is said to protect young children from diseases while also supplying them with many of the nutrients their bodies and brains need to develop.

Still, even if you were up for giving camel milk a shot, don’t expect it to be lining supermarket shelves anytime soon. Though there are some camel milk producers in California and in other parts of the country, most of the camel milk consumed today is produced in Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

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That means getting your hands on some camel milk stateside is quite a pricey endeavor. For example, Desert Farms – a wholesaler located in Santa Monica, California – sells packages of six 16-ounce bottles of camel milk for $108.

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