Capri Anderson: Charlie Sheen Put His Hands Around My Throat


Capri Anderson, the adult-film star who was with Charlie Sheen during his Plaza Hotel meltdown in October, says she feared for her life after Sheen lost control.

Anderson, 22, was hired to escort the actor, 45, to dinner, she tells ABC's Nightline. The night, according to her account, began with a rocky start.

"He was, from the beginning of the night, very loud and he had no hesitations when it came to using derogatory language or cuss words," Anderson says.

"But it wasn't until he put his hands around my neck that I really thought to myself, 'You have gotten yourself a bad, bad situation,'" she says.

"Towards the latter half of the night, it got really bad. He started yelling racial slurs," Anderson adds.

Eventually Anderson, fearing for her life, locked herself in the bathroom and called hotel security.

When guards arrived, they found a trashed hotel room with damages of reportedly $7,000. Sheen, reportedly naked and intoxicated, voluntarily went to the hospital.

"It's not right to hurt people. It's not right to scare people. It's not right to carry on with such disregard for the people around you," she says.

Anderson's interview airs on ABC's Nightline on Monday at 11:35 p.m. ET.

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