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Chris Pratt Gives Away Anna Faris’ Cat, Receives Death Threats

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Chris Pratt definitely isn't the cat's meow on Twitter right now.

Before the 32-year-old Parks and Recreation star put his wife Anna Faris' cat up for adoption, he asked his Twitter followers if they had any interest in giving the pet a good home.

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Unfortunately, Pratt's inquiry was met with a several rude comments and even death threats, prompting the actor to address the situation on his official website.

"To those of you somehow hung up on the notion that I kicked the walker out from underneath our cat and threw her into the streets, first of all, cats don't use walkers, so that's a ridiculous notion," Pratt wrote. "Secondly, I found my aging cat a goddamn loving home! Ease up with the death threats for Heaven's sake!"

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The Moneyball actor added that he and Faris, 34, "want to start a family" and they "absolutely cannot have an animal that sh-ts all over the house."

"If you are a parent you will understand," he added. "And if not, that probably explains why you have such a hard-on for cats."

Pratt then pleaded with his Twitter followers to stop harassing him online. "That sh-t affects me," he explained. "I'm human."

"I don't like being told that I should be 'put on an ice floe when I get old and incontinent,' or being called a 'douche' or told that 'prat = asshole in England. Looks like the shoe fits!' I know that already!"

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Maintaining his sense of humor, Pratt added: "Not to brag but I've been to England. 'Pratt hey? Did you know that means Arsehole in the UK?' 'Yes I did, Prince William. Thank you for asking.' (It should be noted that I've never met Prince William, nor did he ever call me an arsehole). I am not an arsehole."

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