CNN Confuses Sex Toy Flag for ISIS Flag in London Gay Pride Parade: Watch Now

Talk about a big difference! On Saturday, June 27, CNN confused the meaning of a flag in London’s Gay Pride Parade in a big way. British correspondent Lucy Pawle snapped a photo of the black and white flag in the midst of the colorful parade, citing it as being an ISIS flag. 

“This man — quite distinctive from the rest of the crowd, he was dressed in black and white where as everyone else was brightly colored — this man dressed in black and white was waving what appears to be a very bad mimicry, but a clear attempt to mimic the ISIS flag,” Pawle said during a segment on CNN. “If you look at the flag closely, it’s clearly not Arabic, in fact it looks like it could be gobbledygook.”

CNN correspondent Lucy Pawle mistook a sex toy flag for an ISIS flag. Courtesy CNN

The “gobbledygook” Pawle was referring to was actually a series of drawings of sex toys, not a symbol for the terrorist organization. 

CNN removed the coverage of the segment from its website on Saturday after it aired. 

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