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David Hasselhoff: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (‘One Place I’m Dying to Go to Is China’) (Exclusive)

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David Hasselhoff. People Picture/Gerome Kochan/Shutterstock

Quite the globe-trotter. David Hasselhoff exclusively shared several fun facts about himself with Us Weekly — many of which are travel-related.

“One place I’m dying to go to is China,” the Baywatch alum, 70, told Us, adding that he’s curious whether he would be recognized overseas. His dream trip to Asia would surely include eating his top two comfort foods: dim sum and steamed dumplings.

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His favorite place to travel, however, is on a whole other continent. The Knight Rider alum — who shares daughters Taylor Ann, 33, and Hayley, 30, with ex-wife Pamela Bach — said he loves to travel to Austria.

By his side for his international adventures is his wife, Hayley Roberts, whom he married in Italy in July 2018. Since the 42-year-old Welsh model “doesn’t like to fly,” Hasselhoff noted that they often travel by train. “It’s romantic, and each stop is a culture shock because every village is different and cool,” he shared, adding that the first place he traveled to via train was Frankfurt, Germany.

The “True Survivor” singer has been on the go so much throughout his decades-long career that he has his packing list down to a T. “When I travel, I always pack my earbuds so I can listen to music, my cell phone to take lots of pictures and a charger and converter for my phone,” he told Us.

As the summer travel season kicks off, Hasselhoff has partnered with Trainline, Europe’s leading train booking app to help launch the brand’s Chief Conductor Contest. The contest, which has just recently closed, will reward one lucky winner with an epic rail vacation across Europe, inspired by some of The Hoff’s favorite destinations.

Scroll below for 25 things to know about Hasselhoff:

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1. My ideal comfort food is dim sum. I also like steamed dumplings.

2. The song that brings back the best memories is “Same Old Lang Syne” by Dan Fogelberg.

3. One place I’m dying to go to is China because I want to see if they’d recognize me!

4. My favorite wardrobe item is my eagle jacket that I wear a lot. It’s very ‘80s.

5. The best advice I’ve gotten is to always tell the truth and to be honest and respectful.

6. My advice for young actors is to get on the set, whether you are a PA or you ride a bicycle. You’ll become famous because you work at Paramount, MGM or Universal.

7. My favorite singers growing up were Sammy Davis Jr. and John Davidson.

8. The moment I was the most starstruck was when I [met] Sammy David Jr. He knew me as Snapper from The Young and the Restless. He told me I wear the hat of success well, but [to] be careful because that hat can be taken away. He became a really good friend.

9. I like Ray Donovan and Breaking Bad, but my favorite TV show at the moment is 1923 by Taylor Sheridan.

10. My favorite workout is a chest lift.

11. I can’t leave the house without my phone and wallet.

12. My favorite place to travel is Austria.

13. The proudest moment of my career was singing at the Berlin Wall in 1989 on New Year’s Eve to more than a million people.

14. My first big purchase was a black Porsche 928 with a tan interior for $54,000. I didn’t drive it for a week because I was afraid.

15. My wife, Hayley, doesn’t like to fly, so we started traveling by train. It’s romantic, and each stop is a culture shock because every village is different and cool.

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16. The first place I traveled to via train was Frankfurt.

17. My favorite movie is Dances with Wolves.

David-Hasselhoff--25-Things-You-Don-t-Know-About-Me-(-One-Place-I-m-Dying-to-Go-to-Is-China-) -160

18. The best gift I’ve received was a go-cart in the eighth grade. I turned it into a Knight Rider car later on.

19. My favorite date night is spent at Park Chinois in London. They have live entertainment and great food!

20. My first car was a blue Ford Falcon with 3 on the tree. It was my uncle’s.

21. When I travel, I always pack my earbuds so I can listen to music, my cell phone to take lots of pictures and a charger and converter for my phone.

22. My first concert was Led Zeppelin.

23. My first concert with my daughter Taylor Ann was Sinead O’Connor.

24. The one thing fans always ask me on the streets is, “Can I have a picture with you?”

25. My favorite restaurants in NYC are the Grand Salon at the Baccarat and the Polo Bar.

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