Demi Moore Chastises Kim Kardashian for Saying “Pimpin'”

 Gary Gershoff/; Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Twitter war!

Demi Moore got upset over the weekend when newly single Kim Kardashian used the word "pimpin.'"

Kardashian, 29, had posted a photo of her, DJ LA La Vazquez, tennis champ Serena Wiliams and singer Kelly Rowland at a charity event Sunday in Miami Beach. In a caption, she wrote: "Big pimpin w @SerenajWilliams @LaLaVazquez @Kelly_Rowland Love u girls!'"

Moore, 47, quickly wrote back, asking: "Are you using the word 'pimpin' as in pimping?"

Kardashian replied, "Doesn't everyone? LOL."

Moore wasn't amused.

"No disrespect I love a girls night out but a pimp and pimping is nothing more than a slave owner!" she wrote to Kardashian.

She then added, "If we want to end slavery we need to stop glorifying the 'pimp' culture."

Kardashian insisted she didn't mean to upset Moore. "Nothing wrong with dancing to Big Pimpin' by Jay Z in the club!" she replied. "Having a girls night out, gotta love that song!"

Moore stressed to her Twitter fans that she likes Kardashian but wants to make "a point about how we have used a word and desensitized the real meaning."

She then added, "Clearly I stirred up a s**t storm, but 2 create change U have 2 be willing 2 take a risk and be willing 2 provoke thought & conversation."

The two seemed to reach an understanding by the end of the night, with Kardashian telling Moore she brought up a "good point."

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