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Fans Mock Demi Moore for Looking “Old” in Photo

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Demi Moore at the Dec. 15 Santa Monica shoot for Harper's Bazaar.

Demi Moore has feelings, too.

On Wednesday, frequent Twitter-er Moore shared an outtake from a Tuesday photo shoot on a Santa Monica beach for Harper's Bazaar. "Had the priviledge [sic] of working with a giraffe yesterday he was beautiful gentle and so amazing!" the 47 year-old actress wrote.

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Immediately, Twitter followers chimed in with critiques: "sorrydemi that your self esteem is so low you can't admit to a little Photoshopping," one follower sniped, adding "And Ghost sucked." (Retweeting the dig, Moore wrote "Thank you")

A few hours later, another follower wrote, "sorry but you look old. specially your neck & cheecks at the second shot.."

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This time, Moore posted a more pointed retort: "I'm 47 how am I supposed to look?"

In between the insults, the actress and wife to Ashton Kutcher received words of support. "WOW you look beautiful!!" wrote one fan.

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A friend named "earthhealer" soothingly said, "never let those who try 2hurt U in..we all feel small sometimes Know UR fabulous loveable &Wanted!"

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Moore has frequently denied that she's resorted to plastic surgery to retain her youthful appearance. She also fought charges that, for a recent W magazine cover, editors Photoshopped her head on the body of a younger model with slimmer hips.

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