High School Valedictorian Konner Sauve Secretly Wrote Sweet Posts About Classmates for a Year

Konner Sauve
Washington high school student Konner Sauve secretly wrote sweet posts about his classmates via Instagram for over a year 

Leaving his mark in the best way ever! East Valley High School student Konner Sauve didn't wait until yearbook signing to tell his classmates how he feels about them. The Washington native wrote heartfelt messages about each of his peers via Instagram for over 43 weeks — anonymously.

According to ABC News, Sauve, 18, posted over 650 selfies and yearbook photos from the classes of 2014 to 2016 under the handle @TheBenevolentOne3. Each included a caption describing everyone's best qualities.

"Okay, hands down. You have the COOLEST name out of our school. It is very powerful and courageous," he wrote about Shadow Warrior in one post. "I would like to acknowledge your consistency in remaining the young man you are and are becoming." He said of Rebeca Wiseman: "You may be extremely quiet, but you are so wonderfully sweet and generous to all those you meet."

Dylan Siebol, meanwhile, commented under his post after Sauve said he was the "perfect example" of a person who can have fun but still be so kind. "Thank you for this!" Siebol said. "Keep on doin what you're doing!"

After keeping quiet for nearly a year, Sauve finally revealed the truth at the end of his Valedictorian speech at graduation. Some of his classmates, however, weren't surprised that it was him.

"He's always going out of his way to make others feel better. It's just a positive change and so heartwarming to have someone say these nice things about you," Emily Okelberry told ABC News. 

Suave could have spilled about his identity at any point, but he decided to keep quiet for a very sweet reason. "I didn't want people to think, 'Oh, it's just coming from someone we know.' It doesn't matter who's saying it," he told ABC. "I hope that even with high school and rumors and drama, that they can look at people, even someone they don't like, and be able to view them without being too judgmental."

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