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Hilary and Haylie Duff Talk Holidays, Motherhood and More: ‘We Have an Over-the-Top Christmas’ (Exclusive)

Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff attend the Launch of Words with Friends 2 hosted by Hilary and Haylie Duff at Norah Restaurant on November 9, 2017 in West Hollywood, California.
Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff attend the Launch of Words with Friends 2 hosted by Hilary and Haylie Duff at Norah Restaurant on November 9, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. Rich Polk/Getty Images

Holidays with Hilary and Haylie! Us Weekly caught up with the Duff sisters on Thursday, November 9, at the Words With Friends 2 launch party in West Hollywood where they dished on motherhood and upcoming festivities.

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“I love the holidays. I’m already halfway done with my shopping. We have [an] over-the-top Christmas every single year,” Haylie told Us. “We have very over-the-top Christmas. We like to act like we don’t, but we do,” Hilary added.

When it comes to presents, the sisters are fully supportive of spoiling their kids for the occasion. The Younger star, 30, who shares son Luca, 5, with ex-husband Mike Comrie, tells Us: “The floor is covered in wrapping paper and literally you can’t walk in the room. And by the way, that’s the best for kids, on Christmas, to see their faces.”

As for some friendly sibling rivalry? “There is some serious competition going on in this family,” Haylie teases. “We are not chill! Haylie always wins, for the most part, at Words With Friends, but I won’t let it get me down … I always wanna play. I always wanna talk s–t” Hilary adds.

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But it’s not all fun and games for the Lizzie McGuire actress. “I will tell you what’s stressful about [the holidays:] Kids change their mind about what they want every five minutes. Traffic, trying to run around, trying to make sure that I have everything for everyone,” she said. “Wrapping stuff, I don’t even wrap my own s—t. Like, I can’t. Trying to find what I need, all the Amazon s—t that comes into my house, like I can’t and I don’t wanna deal with it,” she added.

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The Napoleon Dynamite actress, 32, shares daughter Ryan, 2, with husband Matt Rosenberg, and might be interested in expanding her family – but only for the day. Adding, “I would love to have a huge family. I feel like it was just us growing up and if we had our choice we would have these big, crazy families,” she told Us. “But you actually have to have all those babies. I cannot do that. We’ll just adopt some extra family members [for the day] that don’t have anywhere to go.”

The doting moms are busy but appreciative. Hilary gushed Us, “Even though we complain about being the chauffeur, the cook, whatever, [we’re] so appreciative to have healthy kids.”

“I know Luca right now, even Ryan, they’re just in the cuddliest stage. Luca says the sweetest things to me and I’m just so appreciative of him. I can’t imagine my life without him. I think it’s just like the daily routine of the things you do with kids that’s so special. It’s not like a big, extravagant thing that happens. It’s like the day in and day out of the relationship you’re building with your child. It’s so special for me,” she added.

When it comes to dressing up or dressing smart, the former Disney star admits to Us that she chooses to take the laid-back route. “I [used to care more] about how I looked all the time and now I’ve somehow reverted back and don’t give a s—t. [Laughs] I feel like today was the first day I brushed my hair … because I had to go out somewhere!”

With reporting by Taylor Ferber

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