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Holly Edwards: A Real Estate Star in the Making

Holly Edwards

Real estate agent Holly Edwards recently joined Douglas Elliman to take Los Angeles by storm and make a name for herself, with her master real estate skills and over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Born and raised in Toronto, with a family in real estate development, Holly relocated to LA in 2010 where she found great success managing the California branch of a global marketing company.

In 2021, Holly made the switch to real estate after a tumultuous divorce. “I was inspired to help people navigate through the tough challenges that I had to face when selling my own property,” Holly says of what inspired the shift in her career path. “My goal is to protect and help men and women going through this phase of their life be it divorce, death, purchasing your first home, buying up, right-sizing or growing an existing real estate portfolio, knowing that someone has your back and can safeguard your investment with integrity is invaluable.”

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With this as her motivation, Holly left her former position after being approached by Douglas Elliman, and has been making waves in the real estate industry ever since. As one of L.A.’s Indigenous-Jewish Estate Agents, Holly promises her clients fair treatment all while navigating the complex world of real estate to help her clients succeed. Her extensive background in marketing gives her a unique perspective on the real estate world and her knowledge and expertise on real estate has made her an impressive force as an agent.

Since the country has began to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles has seen a boom in the housing market as people desire more space from their cramped quarantine living situations. “We are also seeing a trend towards luxury condo living, trading in pieds-a-terres, for high-end amenities – and 24-hour security. Even with interest rates now on the rise, the demand outpaces the supply and I predict Los Angeles will still see an increase in home value well into the start of next year,” Holly says about her predictions for market trends.

Holly Edwards

As a woman in her field, Holly has been working to shake stereotypes and improve the industry’s perception of female agents: “It’s empowering to see other women supporting each other. My hope is to see women continue to build each other up and work together in support of female entrepreneurship. In an industry where you’d expect hyper competitiveness or snide behavior, my experience has been drama-free and extremely positive.”

Holly’s own incredible and quick success shows how influential women can be in the field. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have chosen an industry that supports equal opportunity and a brokerage that cultivates entrepreneurship equally across all gender spectrums,” she says.