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Jen Aniston, Age 20, Flirted with Howard Stern in Lost 1989 Clip

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Jennifer Who?

In 1989 — long before Friends, Brad Pitt and all the rest — Jennifer Aniston was an unknown actress who'd just entered her 20s. To raise her profile, the Hollywood hopeful made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show as a "NutriSystem success story." (She had recently lost 15 pounds on the diet plan, which was a sponsor of Stern's radio show.) Howard Stern and his crew replayed clips of that vintage appearance — one of the earliest featuring the future star — on The History of Howard Stern: Act III, a Sirius XM radio documentary series that looks back on Stern's life and career on radio.

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During her appearance, Aniston shyly talks about her skimpy acting resume. "I did a show [For Dear Life] at the Public Theater [in Manhattan]…I've only been in it [acting] a year professionally," she says after Stern teases her. ("You need help with your career, honey!")

Now famously fit, 1989's Aniston gabs about weighing 110 pounds after losing 15 in six weeks with NutriTrim. "I need maintenance now," she claims to Stern. Another weight-loss complaint? Her boobs. "Your breasts are so full!" Stern says. "No they're not," Aniston protests. "I've lost them completely!"

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Stern takes an instant, typically lecherous liking to the up and comer. "You're very lovely," he praises, complimenting her outfit ("Shorts with those aerobic sneakers and the big white socks") and her "very sensual pout."

Game for his flirting, Aniston avoids questions about when she lost her virginity ("oh my god!") but tells him she's a "big fan. big time!"

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"Find me attractive?" Stern asks.

"Yeah, I do," she replies. "You look absolutely nothing like I thought you'd look." Suddenly embarrassed, she pleads, "My mother's listening to this, please!"

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Aniston — who one day would pose semi nude on magazine covers, declines Stern's suggestions to pose nude for Playboy (or for a private sketch session).

"My god," Stern jokes. "There is a chipmunk in my undies."

By the end of the interview, Stern nearly forgets to ask her name. "What's your name?" he asks. "Jennifer," she replies.

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"Jennifer Doody?" he asks.

"Yeah, Jennifer Doody," she retorts, making a flatulent noise.

Aniston scored her first major role the following year in 1990 as harried sister Jeannie Bueller in the show Ferris Bueller — the TV adaptation of the hit 1986 film. The show ran for one season. She became a star as Rachel Green when Friends premiered in 1994.

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