Jon Gosselin: TLC Violated Child Labor Laws

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Some have called Jon Gosselin and his estranged wife Kate bad parents.

Now Jon Gosselin is calling TLC a very, very bad network.

In court papers unearthed by Radaronline, Gosselin lays out startling accusations against the cable channel, and reveals that he and Kate made just $2000 per episode back when their show began.

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For starters, his lawyers argue that TLC violated Pennsylvania child labor laws by failing to obtain proper permits allowing their eight children to be filmed for Jon and Kate Plus Eight. And while the TV parents were obligated by contract to obtain those permits themselves (versus the network), his attorneys contend that this was TLC's attempt to "circumvent the laws."

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Gosselin's team also argues that the restrictions of TLC's contract prevent him from earning money — via appearances, endorsements and the like — as a celebrity. "Mr. Gosselin will be unable to earn a living as a television personality, and therefore be precluded from supporting his eight children," the papers state.

The documents also claim that the Gosselins negotiated their first TV contract in 2005 without the presence of a lawyer or manager, and that TLC took "advantage of Mr. Gosselin's inexperience and lack of sophistication."

Another shock, according to the papers: back in 2005, the family made a mere $2000 per episode — versus the reported $75,000 per-episode rate in 2009.

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And the network's restrictions on the family's life was just plain cruel, his lawyers argue: the reality dad wasn't allowed to take photographs at home, preventing him from recording "his own family moments and hallmark events in his family's life."

Gosselin's lawyers employ macabre metaphors to criticize TLC's many wrongoings against Gosselin and his family, claiming that TLC's "hands" are so infected "with wrongdoing" that they should be chopped off:

"The Plaintiff's [TLC's] hands are so sullied, polluted and infected with wrongdoing, deception, heavy handedness, unconscionability and disregard for the Public's Interest, that the only resolve that justice should mandate is that Plaintiff's infected hands be amputated."

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These documents were filed in response to TLC's legal action against Jon Gosselin: the network has sued him for breach of contract; he has reportedly countersued for $5 million.

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