Justin Theroux “Clobbered” Childhood Bully With Wooden Shoe

 Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Don't mess with Justin Theroux!

The Wanderlust actor, 40, opened up about his rough upbringing in Washington, DC during his first-ever late-night TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday.

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"The school was in the center of our neighborhood," said Theroux, who admitted to being kicked out of two schools as a teen. "It was a very boy-heavy, Lord of the Flies environment. There were a lot of Irish families in the neighborhood and they all had like 13 kids. There was a lot of competition amongst the boys in general."

"If you got into a fight with one of these boys, one who's your age, then you would have to rely on your older brother to beat up that boy. The Sullivan boys you could not beat up. There were too many."

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When Theroux was 10-years-old, his father returned home from a business trip in Holland with a pair of wooden shoes. "I thought for some reason everyone in school was just going to adore the shoes," Theroux said.

"Once I got to school, I bumped into this kid, David Sullivan, and he saw me, and he saw the wooden shoes, and he was like, 'Oh, I will have to punch you now.' It was almost like he felt bad, like, 'I have to hand out a beat down for everyone else. The rules are the rules,'" said Theroux, currently dating his Wanderlust costar Jennifer Aniston. "I looked at my brother and he was like, 'You're on your own. I warned you.'"

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As Sullivan "brought [Theroux] down to the pavement," the future actor and screenwriter "realized I actually only had one means of defending myself, which was the actual wooden shoes themselves."

"I took the shoe off, and as hard as I could, I remember clobbering him in the head," Theroux said. "His head split, he sort of reared back and he started to cry."

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