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Justin Verlander: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (‘I’m a Pretty Good Dancer’)

Justin Verlander 25 Things
Justin Verlander. Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Justin Verlander, a pitcher of the reigning World Series champs, the Houston Astros, regales Us with some striking factoids. Read on to learn 25 things about the 35-year-old and his partnership with Flonase.

1. I’ve never had a real job, but I worked at a baseball camp for kids.

2. My favorite snacks are Kit Kats and Oreos with milk. I have such a sweet tooth.

3. My wife Kate [Upton] and I like to go out for dinner and a movie for our date nights.

4. I do everything in threes before a game since there are three outs. Like, if I use the bathroom at the field, I take three paper towels.

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5. The hardest part about being a baseball player is traveling and being away from my wife and dog Harley.

6. I didn’t drink at all in high school, but I had a good time in college.

7. For my hair, I use a light pomade and then hit it with some hair spray.

8. The best thing I make are my bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. It’s my go-to meal.

9. The best gift I’ve received was a Rolex engraved after I won Rookie of the Year [in 2006]. Winning the World Series ring [last year] was pretty great too.

10. I’m a pretty good dancer. I’ve fallen out of touch with the new dances the kids do, but I can still hold my own in the middle of a dance floor.

11. I wear number 35 because of [now-retired player] Frank Thomas. My first year, I struck him out on a 103-mph pitch, my fastest ever. Very full circle moment.

Kate Upton Justin Verlander
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12. My favorite childhood show was Saved by the Bell. I had such a crush on Jessie.

13. My favorite celeb encounter was with Kate! We first met at a commercial shoot, and I had my microphone on and didn’t realize. I told my friends that I was gonna get her number and she heard me! But it worked.

14. The cutest thing Harley, our boxer, does is snuggling up to us. He loves to cuddle.

15. I binge-watch ­everything. The last show I watched was The 100. It’s so good.

16. Growing up, I used to collect baseball cards. Not one sticks out, though.

17. My weirdest fan encounter was when Kate and I went to Slovenia and someone recognized me instead of her!

18. My fantasy is to beat all of the other teams!

19. If I wasn’t playing baseball, I would be doing sports commentary for TV.

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20. My first car was a purple Ford Taurus that was nicknamed “The Purple Mongoose.”

21. I’m kinda OCD. I need everything to be perfect. Organization is key.

22. I love sports cars. My dream is a Ferrari. They’re the best. 23. People don’t know that I am a Flonase user, but I have been using it for years.

24. In high school, my nickname was Skippy because I skipped the JV baseball team.

25. Kate tries to put face masks on me because she wants me to look good when I’m old.

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