Kellyanne Conway’s Cringeworthy Attempt at Stand-up Comedy Has Resurfaced — and It’s Bad

And you thought #AlternativeFacts was bad. Video of Kellyanne Conway’s painful stand-up comedy set — which even includes a musical number — has resurfaced online. The cringeworthy footage is from when President Donald Trump’s advisor was running the Polling Company and competed in a “Funniest Celebrity in Washington, D.C.” charity contest in 1998.

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The 11 minute and 35 second–long video shows Conway, then Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, bombing while joking about being a TV “pundette,” sharing lawyer jokes and even telling an ill-advised joke about child abuse and the Washington Redskins. As a grand finale, before an awkwardly uncomfortable, mainly silent crowd, she sings — while dressed in a red feathered boa — a song she calls “The Pundette Blues.”

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Yes, it’s that bad.

Among the jokes she offers:

“If Larry King would just have all his ex-wives watch his show, his ratings would triple.”

“What’s the one difference between a pundette and Ally McBeal? Ally McBeal’s on a major network.”

She also spends a few minutes of her time on stage making jokes about why she’s wearing a cast.

“Everyone is wondering about my leg … I’m like, well, everyone heard I was going to be in this comedy show, and they said ‘Kellyanne, break a leg!’ And so I did,” she attempts before stumbling over her words as she concludes: “And you think blondes are dumb.”

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The worst moment, though? When she jokes about a judge trying to decide a custody case after two kids claimed both parents abused them. “Done!” she exclaims. “Go and live with the Redskins, because they don’t beat anybody!”

Twitter, of course, was quick to mock the former campaign manager’s temporary stint as a comedian.

“Does that mean this is all a bad joke, and it’ll be over soon?” one person wrote, while another shared: “11 minutes I will never get back. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Watch Conway’s cringeworthy stand-up in the video above. 

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