Kim Kardashian Confronted Nasim Pedrad About Her Saturday Night Live Impression

Keeping up with Kim! During her five-year stint on Saturday Night Live, Nasim Pedrad repeatedly became the world’s most famous reality star, affecting Kim Kardashian‘s trademark intonation, and impersonating her style of dress and movements. 

After years of playing Kardashian, now 33, Pedrad, 32, finally came face-to-face with her on-camera inspiration. She told Conan O’Brien about the interaction on Conan on Monday, Sept. 15. 

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“I was very, very scared,” Pedrad said.

The funnywoman didn’t have anything to worry about, however, as Kardashian “was really sweet,” Pedrad explained. 

kim vs nasim

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“She was in pristine, airbrushed makeup, perfect hair,” Pedrad told O’Brien. “I, that day, looked like a person who woke up in a dumpster. I hadn’t slept in two days, I was wearing this extra-large T-shirt with the logo of a medical facility from my hometown. She was understandably mortified to discover that I played her on the show.” 

Usually dressed in a skintight dress and a wig of flowing brunette locks to play Kanye West’s wife, Pedrad cracked audiences up with her nasally impression of the voice of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her sisters. 

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“She did say — at one point she was like, ‘Do we really sound like that?'” Pedrad said on Conan, putting on her Kardashian voice. “Fair question. She wanted to know!”

“I was like ‘…no,'” she continued, pausing and shaking her head as she decided how to answer the question. “And she just goes, ‘Ohhh, good!’ She was so sweet!”

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Watch Pedrad talk about Kardashian in the video above; plus see her impression of Aziz Ansari

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