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Lance Bass on Sleeping With Andy Cohen: “I Don’t Kiss and Tell, But Sex Is a Broad Term”

Lance Bass and Andy Cohen
Lance Bass said he didn't have intercourse with Andy Cohen

Lance Bass doesn’t “kiss and tell,” but he will say, “sex is a broad term.”

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The former boy bander addressed Andy Cohen’s recent apparent revelation that they had sex awhile back on his SiriusXM radio show Dirty Pop on Thursday, May 7 — and pretty much denied that he and Cohen ever had actual intercourse. 

“First of all, I’m not going to tell you what I do in the bedroom,” Bass prefaced, before going into his romantic history with the Bravo host. “Sex is a broad term…like ‘Andy banged Lance’ — when did he ever say that? This is an old story. Three years ago we told everyone we hooked up…Now it’s getting into who did who? I can just tell you right now, there was no Andy D going in my B,” Bass candidly admitted, before adding: “I’m not going to tell you what went down…but it’s not what people are thinking.”

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After getting into a conversation with his co-hosts about “bottom shaming,” Bass explained when he hooked up with Cohen, he had just gotten out of a relationship that ended “terribly.”

“It just happened that Andy was with me on this vacation,” he recalled. “It was so nice and romantic and it was just a nice time. It was one of those things where I needed someone to hold onto.” (The two friends previously admitted to sharing a drunken kiss while on a sailing trip with friends on Valentine’s Day back in 2007.)

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“I just played it off like it was a kiss,” Bass admitted of how he previously addressed their encounter. “Why would I go into details?”

The radio host, who is now married to Michael Turchin, said nowadays there’s nothing sexual between him and Cohen. “We’re too great of friends to ever,” he concluded. “We didn’t know each other that well [back then]. It was like, ‘Ah, I wonder if I could date this guy?’ It was that kind of thing.”

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