“Mangled” Ex Bashes Melissa Etheridge for “Hit and Run” Breakup

 Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Tammy Etheridge says she was "sideswiped and left mangled" and "up to my eyes in toilet training toddlers" in the wake of her split from Melissa Etheridge, her partner of nine years.

Although rocker Melissa has called their April breakup "mutual and amicable," actress Tammy bitterly disagrees. On Thursday, she wrote a free-form diatribe on her blog against her ex and the way she's portrayed the split in recent interviews.

"Please stop telling the press it was mutual," Tammy writes.

"Things can be a long time coming to one and smash the hell out of another," the actress snipes, "hit and run/not even staying to clean up the mess."

Melissa, 45, and Tammy, 35, exchanged marital vows in September 2003; three years later, Tammy gave birth to their twins Miller and Rose using the sperm of an anonymous donor.

Tammy suggests that Melissa was secretive about her impending plans to leave: "secrets, with-holding, whispering to all but the one whom holds the vows/and the toddlers…never interested in clarifying, making sense, making it right/even finishing the fight."

The actress adds that Melissa may have been more interested in her music career: "i'd rather hear 10,000 fans/screaming my name in worship/than hear my wife harp on me about my family intimacy issues too, you know?"

She also notes that the singer was a no-show for important family occasions. "my birthday rolled around, the holidays…./and me and the twins sat right there waiting…/we didn't go anywhere. we just sat and waited and waited and waited and waited….."

"I still love that woman so damn much," Tammy writes sadly. "I'm still trying to stop."

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