Marlon Wayans: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

25 Things You Don't Know About Marlon Wayans
Marlon Wayans shares 25 facts about himself with Us Weekly. Timothy Hiatt/

You can watch Marlon Wayans' hilarious hijinks with the supernatural when A Haunted House 2 hits theaters on April 18. Below, the 41-year-old comedian shares 25 things you don't know about him with Us Weekly

1. My all-time favorite comedians are Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy

2. When I was 6, I was caught stealing candy. My life of crime ended there.

3. My favorite brother is Keenen, unless Damon and Shawn are reading this. 

4. I was originally cast as Robin in Batman Returns

5. My middle name is Lamont. My parents were big Sanford and Son fans. 

6. I've written and produced eight movies so far. 

7. I attended the traditionally black college Howard University. I dropped out to pursue acting — and because I missed white people. 

8. My son is an incredible athlete, and my daughter is a brilliant writer. I'm neither. 

9. I get my sense of humor from my mom.

10. My first job was working at a pizza shop when I was 11.

11. I'm a gum addict with a five-pack-a-day problem.

12. My favorite movie is The Bridges of Madison County

13. Jay Z, Nas and Biggie are my top 3 rappers.

14. My brother Shawn and I drive the same exact car. 

15. I'm obsessed with The Walking Dead. Please don't kill Daryl! 

16. My farts smell like cucumber and lemongrass. 

17. I lie about the smell of my farts. 

18. I went to high school with Jennifer Aniston, but she's way older than me. 

19. I do a major cleanse twice a year. It's no fun! 

20. No manicures: I maintain my nails with my teeth. 

21. Out of all my movies, artsy white people ask me about Requiem for a Dream the most. 

22. The only dog I'm not afraid of is my kids' labradoodle, Shilow, named after Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

23. I love doing CrossFit, yoga and hot Pilates. 

24. Catch NYC, the General and Madeo are my favorite restaurants. 

25. I have a difficult time narrowing all my favorites. 

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