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Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow Wish Friends Had Never Ended

Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow
Former Friends costars Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow say they wish the sitcom hadn't ended when it did

Where's Christopher Lloyd's time-traveling Doc Brown when you need him? It's been almost 10 years since Friends went off the air, but Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow still think back on the smash sitcom fondly. Appearing together on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight on Friday, July 26, the former costars even said they wished they could go back to when the series ended in 2004 and vote in favor of more seasons with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer.

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"I find myself sort of reminiscing about about how much fun the show was, and the hours that we worked. You know, you can see how much we laughed and everything," Perry shared, noting that he was asked about the experience in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "And I found myself saying, 'If I had a time machine, I would like to go back to 2004 and not have stopped."

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Kudrow agreed. "If it were up to us, like individually, oh, I would keep going," she said. "There would have come a time anyway when someone would have said, 'We've had enough.' But why not have fun until they do?"

Perry, who was guest-hosting for Morgan, said they had decided as a cast not to continue. But looking back, he wished he had made a different decision. Friends was "the greatest job in the world," he admitted.

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"It was," Kudrow replied. "We had a lot of fun." (They also made a lot of money. By the end of the series, each of the six leads was making $1 million per episode.)

One classic example of the aforementioned fun is the scene in which Kudrow's Phoebe seduces Perry's Chandler in an effort to get him to admit that he's been hooking up with Monica (Cox). Both stars chose that moment as their favorite from the show's 10-year run.

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"That was hilarious," Perry, 43, said of the clip. "I forgot how much fun we were having."

Kudrow, 49 and now starring on the Showtime series Web Therapy, admitted she has a difficult time watching herself on old episodes. "It's hard. If I see that it's on, I have to check my mood," she explained. "If I'm in a bad mood, I'm not going to like seeing myself at all. If I'm in a good mood, I'm like, 'Oh, not bad.' But I think all of you guys are hilarious, every time. Like, 'God, they're talented. My God, they're so funny. Why did I suck so much?'"

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