McDonald’s Worker Throws Soda at Customer After Drive-Through Prank

She was not lovin’ it. A customer got a sticky surprise after playing a prank on a McDonald’s drive-through worker. 

As seen in video of the incident, which has since gone viral and has more than 1 million views, two men roll up toward the window to pick up their order. As the woman reaches out to hand them their drink, the driver loudly beeps the car’s horn to scare her.

The McDonald’s employee visibly jumps and looks startled before tossing the customer’s credit card back at him and throwing the entire large soda through the car’s window. 

"You’re not getting your drink. Go!" she says. The customer then attempts to throw it back, but the employee is too quick and has already forcefully slammed the drive-through window.

The soda soaks the whole interior of the car and the driver’s entire outfit. “That’s what happens when you prank. They get kind of mad,” one of the men says. It was all in good fun for the two pranksters, though. They laughed and didn’t seem too upset by the practical joke gone wrong. 

The men, who have a YouTube channel called Dynamic Duo TV, where they post clips of their pranks, later posted a follow-up video to the McDonald’s escapade where they responded to some of the negative comments, which accused them of being jerks.

“It’s not a clever prank, but it was us joking around. It was us trolling. It was just for fun,” one of the men said. “Until we harm someone with our horn, you can’t get mad.”

“Even though she said I wasn’t going to get my drink, then she gave me the drink. She gave it to me real nice,” he joked. “It was a free drink. There was some in the cup holder. I still had the straw.”

Watch the video to see the whole prank!

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