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Actresses Natassia Malthe and Dominique Huett Accuse Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Assault

Natassia Malthe and Dominique Huett are the latest actresses to come forward with personal accounts of alleged sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein.


Malthe held a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred on Wednesday, October 25, and told reporters that after meeting Weinstein at a party in 2008, he barged into her hotel room, took off his pants and sat on her bed. “He said that he could give me a part in an upcoming film,” Malthe explained. “With the implication being that I had to sleep with him in order to get it.”

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After allegedly rejecting Weinstein’s advances, Malthe claimed the former studio head forced himself on her. “I laid still and closed my eyes and just wanted it to end,” she said. “I was like a dead person. Afterwards I lay there in complete disgust. After he was done he put his pants back on and hurriedly left the room.”

Malthe said that following the incident, she was later offered an audition in a film that Weinstein was producing. According to the actress, although Weinstein had promised her that no “hanky panky” would take place at the meeting, when she arrived there was a woman in the room who performed oral sex on Weinstein and asked Malthe to join them in a threesome. Malthe said she declined the offer as well as declining to pursue the project.

Huett gave her own account of an alleged incident with Weinstein on Wednesday, saying that after she declined Weinstein’s offer for oral sex during what was supposed to be a business meeting in 2010, he persisted and performed oral sex on her as well as masturbated in front of her. “I didn’t know how to say no to someone like him at the time, which I regret,” Huett said on Wednesday, noting that she had turned the businessman down a few years prior. “I wish I would have shut it down right there, like I did a few years earlier.” The actress is suing the Weinstein Company, who fired Weinstein on October 8, alleging that the company was complicit in his abuse.

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Following the publication of investigative pieces from The New York Times and The New Yorker that detailed decades of alleged sexual abuse, celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Rose McGowan and more have come forward to share their own personal experiences with Weinstein.

Weinstein has denied all rape allegations against him. “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein,” Weinstein’s spokesperson Sallie Hofmeister said in a statement to Us Weekly. “Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. Mr. Weinstein obviously can’t speak to anonymous allegations, but with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record, Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual.”

In the wake of the scandal, his wife of 10 years, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, announced she was leaving him.

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