New Emojis 2017 Feature Breastfeeding Woman, Mermaid and UFOs

Let the imagination run wild! A set of 69 new emojis are being considered for release this June, and will include such fun characters as a mermaid, a bearded man, a hedgehog and a breastfeeding woman.

According to Emojipedia, the contenders are as wide-ranging as a pie, a scarf, a T. rex and a person in a sauna. While there is no guarantee that all 69 emojis will be released, a number of the emojis were proposed and voted on by users via site earlier this month.

New emojis. Emojipedia

Among some of the most popular picks: a shushing face emoji; a vomiting emoji; zombie emojis; and a giraffe face emoji.

Last November, Apple’s peach emoji caused a stir online after the company redesigned the character to look more realistic and less like a sexy, butt-like piece of fruit. After Apple reversed its update, happy users shared their excitement via social media. “PEACHBUTT EMOJI SHALL LIVE ON, HALLELUHJAH,” one Twitter user wrote at the time.

The fall 2016 update also featured a few added characters and emoticons, indulging a doctor, a firefighter, an avocado and pancakes.

Once the selected emojis from the pending 69 are approved this spring, they will be available to users most likely by the fall.

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