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Nick and Vanessa Lachey Reveal Their First Date Was at Hooters: Watch (Exclusive)

Could Nick and Vanessa Lachey be any cuter? The 98 Degrees frontman, 44, and his TV personality wife, 37, tested their knowledge about each other while playing the Newlywed Game with Us Weekly.

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The duo, who attended the Pampers #SleptLikeThis event in New York City on January 17, gave Us a surprising answering when asked the location of their first date.

“Was Hooters a date? Hooters?” Nick asked his love. “For the record, people, it was the only thing open in Trenton, New Jersey, after I did a show in Trenton, New Jersey,” he continued, “Nothing against Hooters, though. Great wings.”

When asked who said “I love you” first, the proud papa answered: “I did. I’d been drinking. It was definitely me. I’ll own it. I have no shame. Still saying it 12 years later.”

Nick Lachey Vanessa Lachey Newlywed Game
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey play the Newlywed Game with Us Weekly.

Switching gears, the adorable couple opened up to Us about the joys and challenges of raising their three children Camden, Brooklyn and Phoenix.

“[Camden] is 5, [Phoenix] is 1, and we have been Pampers users from day one,” the brunette beauty said. “We are launching the #sleptlikethiscampaign, which is all about babies getting a good night’s sleep and spreading the word about Pampers Baby Dry, which allows for a night of complete dryness.”

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Nick added: “I think the one thing we’ve learned from being parents to three kids is that a good night’s sleep, a solid night’s sleep is so valuable. Not only for the baby, but for everyone in the family.”

Nick Lachey Vanessa Lachey
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey. Amy Sussman/AP Images for Pampers

Of their children’s sleeping habits, the “What’s Left of Me” singer said: “Thankfully, they’re not the kids you have to coerce to go to bed. They actually look forward to going to sleep, and so for us, it’s been huge, because it still allows us to have some time together at the end of the day when all the kids are asleep for the night. As a couple, that’s a good thing.”

The Dads actress echoed her loves’ sentiments, saying: “It is magical. To look at three monitors, and you know that all three of them are asleep, and we’re just like, finally.We can sit down.We put on Netflix, have a glass of wine, and our night begins.”

With juggling two busy careers and a growing family, the couple admits they have to schedule date nights. “You do have to carve out date night. It’s easy for it to get lost unless you consciously schedule it, almost,” Nick explained. “But we’ve never, I think, scheduled a date night and regretted doing it. We’ve always come back and say, oh, thank God we did that.”

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The fashion model added: “But it’s sometimes been like, ‘Man, I’m really comfortable, I don’t want to get ready.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to put makeup on.’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t want to shower and put on jeans,’ he’s in his sweats, and we’re like, ‘Let’s just stay on the couch.’ So on that end, we have to make an effort, and whenever we go, we’re very grateful we go,” she continued: “We’re excited that we’re out, we’re excited that we got someone serving us food, and I’m not cooking, he’s not cleaning. I actually enjoy cooking, so that’s why we stay in a lot, and he’s so sweet. He’s like, ‘If you cook me dinner, I’ll clean up.’ So he does, and it just works out great.”

With reporting by Marc Lupo

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