Russell Brand Says Apple Angers Him More Than “Racism and War”

The oft-controversial Russell Brand stopped by HuffPost Live on Nov. 19 to promote his new children’s book, The Pied Piper of Hamelin: Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales, a hilarious retelling of the classic fairy tale. Brand, 39, revealed more than just author secrets, however. Apparently, he has a bone to pick with electronics giant Apple.

Brand told host Josh Zepps that he thinks today’s high-tech gadgets are “designed to expire.”

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“It aligns very neatly with the consumer capitalist narrative — sell as many things and make as much profit as possible,” he said.

Brand’s main issue lies with Apple’s constantly changing hardware.

“I was more angry that Apple changed their chargers so much than bad things like racism or war,” joked Katy Perry’s former hubby. “Racism, I’m like ‘that is really bad we’ve gotta stop racism and war… WHAT they’ve changed the chargers, I’m gonna kill someone!’” 

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Brand, who also released a political humor book “Revolution” in October, has been making media rounds to outlets including The Today Show and Live With Kelly and Michael

While Brand’s often outspoken opinions about news programs like Fox News are clear in his own daily Youtube show, The Trews, he insists he still respects daytime news programs. “I could go on The Today Show, I can go on sort of celebrity type forums and I have to be respectful of the medium,” Brand said of his recent appearances.

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“You can’t afford to be snooty or condescending about that sort of media,” he added. 

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During his stop by Live With Kelly and Michael on Nov. 19, Brand accidentally let an on-air prank with kids go a little too far. The actor was doing a bit with hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about Thanksgiving that involved children. When one of the kids climbed into a box on set, Brand locked him inside.

Brand pretended the child was “a prisoner,” but admittedly let it go on for too long.

“When the kid came out, it was like someone leaving Guantanamo, blinking into the sun,” he joked.

The Despicable Me 2 star is clearly enjoying his foray into children’s literature, and “snuck” in his own ideals within the pages of the classic fairy tale.

“We forget that the important messages are kinda spiritual codes,” Brand told Zepps. “All social ideas come from a spiritual notion, the idea that we’re connected and as valuable as one another.”

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