Spencer Pratt Says He Helped Lauren Conrad “Make Millions,” Won’t Apologize

Spencer Pratt and Lauren Conrad

From 2006 to 2010, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag became household names, starring on MTV’s The Hills as the villains to Lauren Conrad‘s nice girl. Now they’re ready to share their sides of the story in a new E! special, After Shock: Heidi & Spencer, which airs Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. ET.

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Pratt, 30, and Montag, 27, who have been married four years, have long courted media attention, and in 2009, they even cowrote the book How to Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press, and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture

But Pratt admits he didn’t play every move just right. 

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“I regret playing the villain so hard with not saving my money.” he told E!. “I would be laughing all the way to the bank being a hated multimillionaire right now. But I didn’t see the Jersey Shore coming just out of left field, taking reality TV to a whole other level that I wasn’t prepared to go to. I felt like I was low enough. I wasn’t ready to start peeing on dance floors, but maybe I should have. If you’re going to be so hated and make decisions that affect your whole life, you should save all that money instead of spending it like you’re Diddy.”

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Back in 2011 the notorious couple revealed they’d blown through their $10 million fortune, and were forced to shack up with Pratt’s parents. Montag reportedly spent $30,000 in plastic surgery procedures in 2010, and earlier this year, she revealed to Us that she’d had a breast reduction surgery to remove her size-F implants in exchange for C cups.

But besides their financial woes, the couple doesn’t seem to have many qualms about their time on The Hills. Montag sees her failed friendship with costar Lauren Conrad as a simple parting of the ways.

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag
Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag attend the Teen Vogue Fashion Live! Party on the Beach on July 27, 2006. Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

“I’m really appreciative to Lauren,” Montag revealed. “She was really my best friend for a long time. Her and I, we’ve been through a lot. Our paths went different ways. I do really appreciate everything she’s done for me. Without her I wouldn’t have any of the world that I have or my husband. It’s unfortunate things happened the way they did, but we’re both different people now and more mature. I’ve talked to her a few times since The Hills, and she’s been very sweet.”

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Pratt said he didn’t think Conrad would care to hear what he has to say, but nonetheless doesn’t have an apology for his former nemesis.

“I think I was mutually beneficial [to her],” he said of Conrad, now a fashion designer and best-selling author. “I think I helped her show get millions of more viewers and helped her get millions of more dollars. I took all the dirt for the show, and I was the bad guy and she got to be the good girl. We could have a mutual, ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘you’re sorry.’ But it’s like, I helped you make millions, and you helped me make millions.”

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Grudges aside, Montag and Pratt are looking to move on with their lives. The blonde bombshell reveals she wants two or three kids in the next three to five years, much to her husband’s dismay. But Pratt- who is less enthusiastic about starting a family — thinks her baby fever has to do with another former Hills costar.

“If Kristin Cavallari hadn’t just had two kids, I swear,” Pratt exclaimed. “It’s like, ‘Kristin’s such a beautiful pregnant girl!'”

After Shock: Heidi & Spencer airs Monday, Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. ET on E!.

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