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5 Revelations From Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

Biggest Bombshells From Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Against Donald Trump
Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump.Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images; Joey Foley/

Stormy Daniels is suing Donald Trump, claiming that the president never signed the reported “hush agreement” to keep their alleged affair quiet, therefore the contract is not valid.

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According to the court documents, obtained by Us Weekly, the porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, says Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, signed the agreement on his behalf. The White House has denied that the affair ever happened.

“The president has addressed these directly and made very well clear that none of these allegations are true,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during a briefing on Wednesday, March 7. “It has already been won in arbitration.”

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Daniels alleges her affair with Trump took place in 2006 after they met at a charity golf tournament, just months after son Barron (with wife Melania Trump) was born.

Check out the five biggest revelations from the lawsuit:

Their Pseudonyms
According to the suit, the “hush agreement” used fake names. The Trump and Daniels pseudonyms were David Dennison and Peggy Peterson, respectively. “Specifically, Ms. Clifford was referred to by the alias ‘Peggy Peterson’ or ‘PP,’ the suit reads. “Mr Trump, on the other hand, was referred to by the alias ‘David Dennison’ or ‘DD.’”

Daniels Says Trump Knew About Essential Consultants LLC
Cohen allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 to sign the “hush agreement” through a private company called Essential Consultants LLC. “On information and belief EC was created by Mr. Cohen and Mr Trump’s knowledge for one purpose — hide the true source of funds to be used to pay Ms. Clifford, thus further insulating Mr. Trump from later discovery and scrutiny.”

The Agreement Was Allegedly Signed Days Before Trump Was Elected
The alleged agreement between Trump and Daniels was “formed on October 17, 2016, just weeks before the 2016 presidential election,” the court docs read. “On or about October 26, 2016, only days before the election, two of the parties signed the Hush Agreement — Ms. Clifford and Mr. Cohen.”

Daniels Says Trump Didn’t Sign the Agreement So He Could Deny the Affair 
“Mr. Trump purposely did not sign the agreement so he could later, if need be, public disavow any knowledge of the Hush Agreement and Ms Clifford.”

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Daniels Says Trump Knows Cohen Is Trying to Silence Her 
“The extent of Mr. Trump’s involvement in these efforts is presently unknown, but It strains credibility to conclude that Mr. Cohen is acting on his own accord without the express approval and knowledge of his client Mr. Trump,” the documents read.

The suit also claims Cohen is still trying to keep her quiet: ”On or about February 27, 2018, Mr. Trump’s attorney Mr. Cohen surreptitiously initiated a bogus arbitration proceeding against Ms. Clifford in Los Angeles. Remarkably, he did so without even providing Ms. Clifford with notice of the proceeding and basic due process.”

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