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Stylist Rachel Zoe: Eating Isn’t Always a Priority

Rachel Zoe admits eating doesn't always make her daily agenda.

"I'm a textbook definition of that perfectionist girl who has huge expectations of herself," she says in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar. "It's hard for me to take care of myself, let's put it that way. I am my last priority."

When she's working on her own, she says it'll sometimes be 7 p.m. and she's only "had coffee and a grapefruit" all day.

Zoe, 37 — who was retouched from a size 0 to a size 8 for the magazine — says "it's not that I don't eat. I eat." She just doesn't always have the time. Asked if she eats lunch, she replied: "Truth? I don't. I'm not a lady who lunches; it's a lull in the day." (She joked that her favorite food is asparagus; for the record, it's cobbler.) She says she doesn't get why she was to blame for celebs being too skinny.

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"We've had Audrey Hepburn, we've had Twiggy, we've had Veruschka, we've had Kate Moss," she says. "I'm trying to figure out why I am to blame for skinniness. Truthfully, I've never seen myself as being too thin," she adds. "Sometimes I'll look at photos and be like, 'Oh, that's not a good look.' But generally speaking, I'm not too thin."

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