Lady Gaga’s Fiance Taylor Kinney: 5 Things to Know, Plus See an Amazing Engagement Photo!

she said YES on Valentine's Day ????

A photo posted by Taylor Kinney (@taylorkinney11) on Feb 16, 2015 at 3:23pm PST

Her G.U.Y! As it was announced Monday, Feb. 16, Lady Gaga said yes (in the shape of a brilliant diamond heart!) to Taylor Kinney — but who exactly is he? Us Weekly rounds up five essential facts about Gaga's new fiancé, who himself confirmed the news with an Instagram pic of his love taken moments after he proposed on Valentine's Day.

1. He Looks Familiar… Because He's an Actor!

Gaga's new fiancé, 33, currently headlines his own NBC hit series, Chicago Fire, which he's starred in since 2012. Kinney has also appeared on shows like Trauma, The Vampire Diaries, and Shameless.

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Along with the small screen, Kinney has starred in several films including Zero Dark Thirty, where he played a Navy SEAL, and The Other Woman, in which he played Cameron Diaz's alternate love interest (and brother to Leslie Mann's character). Kinney told Us Weekly at The Other Woman premiere last April that he was "really excited" to meet Diaz. "Sometimes we have expectations and she exceeded any that I had," he explained. "She was down-to-earth, she was a delight to work with, open to suggestion and to play and to improv, and it was the same with Leslie. It was just hard not to laugh. You're just trying not to laugh so much, but she was great."

2. He and Gaga First Met on the Set of a Music Video

Naturally, acting is how he first met Gaga. Kinney and the superstar first set eyes on each other on the 2011 set of her "You & I" music video.

Fittingly, Gaga wore her mother's actual wedding gown in various scenes of the buzzed-about video, in which Kinney starred as her love interest. Several months later, the two started dating only to split briefly in May 2012. One month later, the two reunited and have remained inseparable.

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3. He's a Pennsylvania Boy

Kinney grew up with three other brothers (one of whom passed away in 2008) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where his family still lives. The actor told Glamour last spring that he likes to go home often, and when he does, he has a routine.

"I love Sunday-morning drives. I’ll be up at 6 a.m., get a cup of coffee, and head out," Kinney said of how he passes time in central Pa. When Gaga visits home with him, the two explore the great outdoors. "We’ll hike together," he told the mag. "I’m always giving her flak, like, 'Babe, you can’t wear your heels when we’re hiking.' We’ve been painting a bunch lately too… I’ll have to leave it up to the imagination. There’s a lot of laughing. I think that’s the basis of a healthy relationship. We laugh a lot."

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4. He Was Born to Run

This man does more than just dance! Kinney revealed to Us Weekly last spring the simple way he maintains that hot body. "I run," he told Us. "I love it. I just do it. It’s good for your head more so than anything else. I think it’s good to you know get your blood flowing."

Kinney also told Assignment X in 2013 that he boxes. "My grandfather was a big boxing fan," he reflected. "When I started boxing [in college], I started out doing three-minute rounds and by the end of that third round, you could barely put your hands up."

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5. His Perfect Date Night Is the Movies

Kinney told Us Weekly at The Other Woman premiere in L.A. last April that his ideal date night with one of the world's biggest singers was surprisingly basic. "I'm a movie guy," he told Us. "I love movies." He further elaborated at a Bacardi celebration in NYC the following month that a perfect date was one "without pressure."

"I think if you put pressure on a date or you put pressure or expectations on anything — if you leave it up to the imagination and let it rip and go from there — it lends itself to a better hand for romance," Kinney explained to Us.

Along with no-pressure date nights, Kinney told Us that his ideal getaway with Gaga is "anything at the beach. I love the beach. I love the water," he told Us. "I’m not a big vacation guy. I’m a really restless person so I’m always on the move and the idea of vacation — that you go somewhere and do nothing — I don’t like doing nothing. Shoot, I don't know. Somewhere to indulge."

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