Taylor Swift Debuts ‘Delicate’ Music Video, Shows Off Her Dance Moves

Taylor Swift dances like no one is watching in her new video for “Delicate,” which she debuted at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Taylor Swift’s High-Profile Flames

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The singer, who won Female Artist of the Year at the award show, begins the clip by being interviewed on the red carpet.

She’s handed a magical note before she walks into a hotel lobby, where she’s asked to pose for a selfie by a fan before her bodyguards spirit her away.

Alone in a fancy powder room, she’s making faces at herself in a mirror when three women walk in, and — poof! — suddenly Swift realizes that no one can see or hear her. (The old Taylor isn’t dead — she’s invisible!)

Taylor Swift’s Best Surprised Faces

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So Swift does what any pop star who’s suddenly out of sight would do. She rips off the bottom of her turquoise fringed dress and starts dancing. The “End Game” singer then proceeds to show off her goofy moves as she cavorts between people in the middle of spirited conversation and gambols on top of a reception desk before giving her best spirit fingers in an empty ballroom.

Suddenly she’s in the subway, and crawls barefoot onto the cleanest train anyone has ever seen. The scene then cuts to show her up at street level — where it’s raining.

Taylor Swift "Delicate " video
Taylor Swift “Delicate ” video Taylor Swift/YouTube

It’s here that Swift really gives it her all, jumping in puddles like Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain and spinning on the roof of an old car before falling into some impressive splits, before she walks into a bar. As she holds the still-sparkling magic note and makes a wish, the patrons turn to look at her and she opens her eyes to gaze across a crowded room and smile sweetly at … someone.

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Swifties took to Twitter to share their reactions to the new video.

“@taylorswift13 the music video is so pure and real i cant stop crying and the meaning behind is important i love you with my whole heart,” one wrote.

“Honey the freedom and the happiness you showed in the video was everything…such an amazing reminder to be yourself and to never be afraid to do what’s right for you I LOVE YOU,” wrote another.

Taylor Swift’s Celebrity BFFs!

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“I’m ready for all the memes taylor swifts new music video is about to bring,” another rightly predicted.

While another wasn’t quite so enamored, tweeting, “lorde needs to stop lying to taylor swift and telling her she can dance.”

“Delicate” was filmed over two nights in downtown Los Angeles and featured historic landmarks such as the Los Angeles Theatre and Biltmore Hotel.

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