Canadian Teen Pens Letter to Vice Principal After Getting Detention for Wearing “Sexually Distracting” Halter Dress

Lauren Wiggins wore a halter dress to school and got detention
Lauren Wiggins pens letter to vice principal after she gets detention for "distracting" dress Courtesy of Lauren Wiggins/Facebook

Halter top, don’t care! A high school student in New Brunswick, Canada named Lauren Wiggins is fighting back after she got detention for wearing a halter dress that was deemed “inappropriate” and a “sexual distraction” to school. The 17-year-old took to her Facebook to share the letter she later penned to her vice principal, in which she argues the school’s dress code is demeaning and promotes sexual discrimination.

“Today I received a detention because the outfit I am wearing is considered inappropriate and a sexual distraction to the young men in my school,” Wiggins shared on Facebook on May 11, along with a photo of the aforementioned floor-length maxi dress. “Enough is enough. I'm tired of the unjust standards that we as women are held up to. I'm tired of the discrimination against our bodies, and I'm absolutely fed up with comments that make us feel like we can't be comfortable without being provocative. It's time to change the worlds mindset. Now.”

In the letter, which Wiggins later got a one-day suspension for posting, she writes: “The fact that authority figures, especially males, can tell young women they must cover up their shoulders and their backs because it’s ‘inappropriate’ and ‘a distraction’ is very uncomforting…It’s preached upon us to be individual, to be ourselves. The double standard here is that when we try, we are then told we’re wrong…If you are truly so concerned that a boy in this school will get distracted by my upper back and shoulders then he needs to be sent home and practice self control.”

Wiggins politely signed her letter “Thank you, have a nice day.”

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