Tila Slams Nicky Hilton for Putting Casey Johnson’s Dogs “to Sleep”

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Tila Tequila is lashing out at Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips for retrieving dogs belonging to her late fiance Casey Johnson.

Hilton, 26 — who is godmother to Casey's adopted daughter, Ava, 3 — and Phillips, 29, went to Tila's Los Angeles-area home around 2 p.m. Wednesday to get the pooches. A verbal dispute ensued; two LAPD squad cars were called. As Hilton and Phillips took the dogs, Tila, 28 (real name: Tila Nguyen), was in tears, telling photographers: "They don't care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey." (Asked if there was any plan to bury the dogs with Johnson, Phillips told photographers, "No.")

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Tila then took to her Twitter page for a series of posts blasting the pair.

"It's TRUE! They Took OUR DOGS (mine&Casey's) to Put them to Sleep So to Burry the Dogs with Casey! SICK!" she first wrote.

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She later added, "Those girls are HEARTLES & RUDE … They had NO RIGHT 2 bombard my home the way the did & so I called Police! Casey lived w/me & those dogs are mine!"

Early Thursday morning, Tila was still seething.

"I guarantee that those poor little doggie has been put to sleep as I type this. I took care of them. Her family abandoned her for 5 years!" she wrote. "If any1 is an animal lover like me, putting a dog to sleep before it's time is just wrong & that's what they did."

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She promised that people "will know the full story soon. They are trying to keep me quiet right now, but next week I will tell u what they dont want u 2 know."

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She told her fans that she is relying on them now since they're all she has "now that my Fiance is gone."

Weeks before she was found dead at age 30, Johnson announced that she was engaged to Tila. But many of Johnson's friends claim that the reality star was using Johnson — fraught with drug and alcohol problems — for media attention. When Johnson was found dead Jan. 4, Tila misspelled her name and didn't even bother to spell out "Y-O-U" when saying "I'll miss U" on Twitter.

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