Tom Sizemore Kicked Off Film Set for Allegedly Molesting 11-Year-Old Girl: Report

Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore visits at SiriusXM Studios on September 24, 2014 in New York City. Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Actor Tom Sizemore was allegedly sent home from the set of a 2003 movie after an 11-year-old girl complained that he touched her genitals, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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In the story posted online on Monday, November 13, a dozen cast and crew confirmed the incident to THR, saying that it took place towards the end of filming Born Killers, which is about two brothers on a crime spree.

The 11-year-old, who had a small role in the film, was required to sit on Sizemore’s lap during a photo session for a scene in the film.

Sizemore, now 55, allegedly either rubbed his finger against the girl’s vagina or inserted it, THR reports. The girl subsequently told her mother what happened and Catrine McGregor, the casting director, was informed. McGregor filed a complaint with SAG’s legal department and advocated for Sizemore to be fired from the film.

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The news spread among the crew. “He was this guy who was already known for making inappropriate comments, being drunk, being high,” Roi Maufas, who worked as a production assistant told THR. “We’re talking about consistent behavior, just being ‘Tom Sizemore’ on set every day. Then this happens. Guys reached for hammers.”

Producer James R. Rosenthal, who died in 2011, “had to stop a group of us from going to visit Mr. Sizemore to kick the guy’s ass,” Maufas added.

The Golden Globe-nominated star, who had recently been convicted of physically abusing and harassing his ex-girlfriend, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss (and was later sentenced to six months in jail), denied the claim when he was confronted about it.

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The film’s producers dismissed Sizemore from the set as soon as they heard the claim and reviewed the photographs from the photo shoot but found them inconclusive. The parents talked to police but declined to press charges.

The actor, who had a history of drug use and charges of battery against women, was dropped by his management firm and agency shortly afterward. He did reshoots for the film a couple of months later and welcomed twin boys in 2005.

McGregor came forward to reveal the incident to THR, and several cast and crewmembers decided to talk to the publication in light of Hollywood’s move to be more open and deal with sexual misconduct in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

When contacted by THR, the girl, now 26, asked not to be identified and declined to talk about the matter except to say that she’s exploring legal action against Sizemore and her parents.

The Saving Private Ryan actor, who was charged with methamphetamine possession in 2007 and later appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor charges of domestic abuse in February this year. When asked to comment on the 2003 incident, his agent told THR, “Our position is ‘no comment.'”

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