25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Adam Levine

 Victor Chavez/WireImage.com

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, 31 (who's currently on tour to promote the band's latest CD, Hands All Over) gets personal with UsMagazine.com.

1. I'm a devoted yogi, having practiced for five years.

2. I love my mama.

3. Im afraid of bees and sharks.

4. I enjoy adventures in motorcycling…

5. …and long walks on the beach. Kidding.

6. I didn't go to to college.

7. My father is the owner of M. Frederic (not Frederick's of Hollywood, although that would be awesome).

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8. I have a profound respect for people with real jobs.

9. My favorite movie of all time: E.T.

10. I still use the bunny-ear method to tie shoes.

11. Tequila is my favorite drink.

12. I haven't thrown up since I was 9 years old.

13. I drink coffee, not tea.

14. I am an extremely good Scrabble player.

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15. I feel guilty that I don't read enough. But I'm kind of totally cool with it as well.

16. I was an extremely shy child.

17. I make legendary scrambled eggs.

18. I really wish I spoke five languages, but I only speak one.

19. Maroon 5 was our second band to get a record deal. FIrst one was when we were in high school.

20. I have an extensive collection of superhero underwear.

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21. I have more tattoos than you think.

22. My mom hates them.

23. I had really bad acne as a teenager.

24. I'm extremely grateful for all that I have, which is a lot.

25. I have a single, handsome roommate named Gene.

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