‘A Million Little Things’ Recap: Jon’s Final Words Revealed in a Voicemail to Eddie

'A Million Little Things' REcap
David Giuntoli and Stephanie Szostak on ABC's 'A Million Little Things.' ABC/Jeff Weddell

Moving on isn’t easy – in fact, it may seem impossible for the Dixon family. Jon’s (Ron Livingston) wife, kids and best friends attempted to move forward during the Wednesday, October 3, episode of A Million Little Things. While it’s not easy, at least they have each other.

'A Million Little Things' REcap
David Giuntoli and Stephanie Szostak on ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things.’ ABC/Jeff Weddell

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The episode picked up the day after the funeral, with everyone gathering at Delilah (Stephanie Szostak)’s house for breakfast, to make sure she wasn’t alone. However, the tension with Eddie (David Giuntoli) was still in the air, and they struggled to keep it hidden throughout the episode. It didn’t help that it was Sophie’s father-daughter recital and her dad had just died. When she needed someone to stop in, she chose Eddie.

Of course, Delilah thought it was a horrible idea, especially after she found Eddie’s necklace in Jon’s bedside table. Clearly, he had known about their affair. Eddie didn’t want to step aside because he felt he had to be there for Sophie. However, he froze just before it was time to perform, passing the baton to Rome (Romany Malco). Rome, who has continued to suffer with his own suicidal thoughts and even went back to the spot Jon took his own life, stepped in perfectly. It may have been because Jon had been coming to him for help … or he was teaching him the dance moves because he had planned the suicide.

While waiting for the dance to begin, Eddie listened to Jon’s voicemail (even though he told his friends Jon didn’t leave one). “Hey it’s Jon. I was hoping to speak to you, not just leave you a message,” his best friend said on the message. “I just need you to do me a favor: love each other.”

However, that wasn’t Jon’s only surprise. He had also left the restaurant to not just Regina (Christina Moses) but also Delilah – something his wife didn’t even know, even though he’d been talking about buying the restaurant for a year. He assistant Ashley (Christina Ochoa) played coy when delivering the news, assuming that she had known. Little did she know, Ashley had opened the folder that Jon had left to his wife, the folder she never even gave to Delilah.

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Inside was a goodbye letter that included the following phrases: “There’s an envelope behind the painting; Ashley had no idea I was going to do this; ask her what she’s doing, as I don’t want you; doesn’t know what you know, she will be protected.” Ashley found Jon’s life insurance plan behind the painting, which revealed his primary beneficiaries were Eddie, Rome, Gary (James Roday) and a mystery woman named Barbara Morgan.

'A Million Little Things' REcap
Allison Miller and James Roday on ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things.’ ABC/Jeff Weddell

Elsewhere in the episode, Gary and Maggie (Allison Miller) continued to get closer while she pushed away a man from her past — maybe even a husband? — and admitted that even though she had cancer for the second time (something she’s still hiding from Gary), she’s happier than she’s ever been.

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When Gary wasn’t with her, he was spending time with Jon’s son, Danny, who was questioning his sexuality and wondering if he was to blame for his dad’s suicide. In a touching moment, Gary told Danny that if his dad did know that his son was gay, he would love him even more, just like Gary did.

A Million Little Things airs on ABC Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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