Anna Kendrick, Jimmy Fallon Play Tense Game of Egg Roulette: Watch!

Breaking boundaries! Anna Kendrick did something no woman has done before on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, May 11.

The Pitch Perfect actress, 29, became the first female star to compete against host Jimmy Fallon in an epic game of Egg Russian Roulette. Taking the seat previously filled by only male stars — such as Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, and Tom Cruise — Kendrick was ready for the showdown. 

The hilarious Oscar-nominated star caught up with Fallon, 40, in promotion of the upcoming comedy sequel Pitch Perfect 2, but prepared to tarnish her premiere-ready hair and makeup with a round of the messy game.

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“Here in my hand I have one dozen eggs,” announcer Steve Higgins began, addressing Kendrick and Fallon. “Eight of them have been hard-boiled, four of them are still raw, uncooked, untainted by fire. You and Anna will take turns selecting one egg at a time — uno ovum — and smash them upon the top of your head. You won’t know which eggs are raw and which are hard-boiled. Once you choose, you may not unchoose. You must smash that egg upon your head. First one to smash two raw eggs on their head loses.”

Kendrick kicked off the game, picking first. She shook the egg next to her ear, listening for a yolk. “I don’t feel good,” she admitted. “I have a bad feeling… I mean, I feel great! You know, I’m doing reverse psychology. I feel great about it.” 

anna and jimmy
Actress Anna Kendrick and host Jimmy Fallon play Egg Russian Roulette on May 12, 2015 Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

The Into the Woods star had no reason to worry as she smashed a hard-boiled egg on her head. Fallon did the same with his first pick, carefully selecting his own hard-boiled egg.  

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“You are actually the first woman to play this game and dare play this game,” Fallon told her. “You called it, I was like, ‘You wanna call me out? Let’s do it, girlfriend.'”

“You know why? You know why?” Kendrick shot back, successfully smashing her second hard-boiled egg. “Cause I’ve got… eggs… It makes sense.”

Fallon’s second egg was raw, smashing directly on his forehead and leaving a trail of gooey yolk on his face. “The yolk’s on you!” Higgins joked. 

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The two went back and fourth until Kendrick picked her fourth egg and immediately got nervous about her choice. “It’s fine, it’s fine,” she said before she even cracked the shell. “Egg’s a natural conditioner, I’m not even mad.”

Watch Kendrick sport some yolk on her head and see which star ended up with a second raw egg in the video above! 

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