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Ariana Grande’s Brother Frankie Reveals True Identity to Big Brother Contestants

Frankie Grande
Ariana Grande's brother Frankie revealed his true identity to his fellow Big Brother house guests during the show's live feeds on Friday, Aug. 8

Grab the popcorn, because things just got interesting. Although he tried to keep his true identity hidden all season, Big Brother’s Frankie finally revealed to his fellow house guests that his sister is none other than pop star Ariana Grande. The shocking moment (those reactions!) happened during the show’s TVGN live feeds on Friday, Aug. 8.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

31-year-old Frankie—a YouTube personality with a fan following of his own—admitted Ariana, 21, is his half-sister after several of his game moves (including wanting to backdoor BFF Zach) were found out by his costars. Trying to backtrack, Frankie brought Zach, Derrick, Cody and Caleb into one of the bedrooms to spill the beans. Donny was then clued in and Frankie later gave a speech to the women in the house—Christine, Nicole and Victoria

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Frankie & Ariana Grande
Frankie and Ariana Grande

“So, I’ve been lying to all of you the entire game. I’m not who I said I was,” Frankie said in the living room. “My sister is Ariana Grande.”

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The reactions were mixed. Some were annoyed he hid the secret, while others like Derrick and Cody felt it may be an advantage for him. Why? Victoria is a huge fan of the “Bang Bang” singer and other house guests are already hoping Frankie can introduce them to stars like Justin Bieber.

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Ariana, for her part, has been keeping tabs of her older half-brother during the competition. She often tweets about the CBS series and visited the set this week in case he was evicted. Bonus: She also snagged a selfie with host Julie Chen.

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