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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall Sends Two Women Home Early, Turns Down Corinne for Sex

In need of island time! Nick Viall took his remaining women to Bimini in the Bahamas on the Monday, February 13, episode of The Bachelor, hoping to find more clarity after a tough week on St. Thomas. Some women opened their hearts and one woman opened her legs, but each experienced different outcomes. Watch all the best moments of the episode in the video above.

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Fixing Last Week’s Mess

Everyone was still reeling from Nick’s emotional outburst the evening before, including Nick, who needed Chris Harrison’s guidance in order to figure out how to fix the mess he caused with the women. After a chat about how “terrified” he is, Nick went to the house to face his ladies.

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When Nick arrived, the women formed a line to give him weak hugs, bracing themselves for a mass breakup. Nick took the opposite route and apologized for his strong reaction. He realized the women in that room are the ones he wants, and he wants to go all the way. “I’ve been that close before, and I just don’t want to get that close anymore. I want to get all there,” Nick triumphed.

Then, Nick canceled the cocktail party and rose ceremony and took all the women to Bimini.

Vanessa Professes Her Love

Vanessa received the first date card, which read, “Let’s go deeper.” Corinne, raging with jealousy, said she didn’t “see much depth” from the trilingual special-education teacher.

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Nick took the “lucky bitch” (Corinne’s words, not ours) on a yacht and for an ocean swim. They kissed underwater and Vanessa realized she was in love, and she wanted to tell him that night, hoping to read Nick’s facial expressions for his response.

Nick responded way too diplomatically to Vanessa’s profession of love. “I really, really like you, but it is incredibly important for me, if I’m lucky enough to feel love or say ‘I love you’ in this role, that I only say it to one person,” he responded.

Vanessa “didn’t feel great” about Nick’s response.

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A Fishy Group Date

Corinne, Kristina and Raven were asked on the group date, where they took a boat ride and snorkeled with sharks (real ones, not each other).

The women and Nick filed onto their boat before stripping down to their bathing suits and lathering on sunscreen. “I am one lucky guy right now,” Nick said, not sounding at all sleazy.

As they approached their destination, Kristina’s fear of swimming with sharks grew, while Raven promised to “punch a shark in the face” if that’s what it came down to. Regardless, they all jumped into the water.

Kristina quickly bailed and Nick went after her. She was crying, which Corinne interpreted as a ploy for more time and used it as fuel for her newfound self-consciousness.

That night, Kristina kept it real when Nick over-explained why he had such a hard time sending Danielle L. home. “Listen,” she said, “you can’t keep us all, so you will have to make a decision.”

Meanwhile, Corinne stress-ate a pound of cheese and became increasingly jealous of Kristina. She told Nick her concerns about their connection going into hometowns and slipped into third person, which completely threw Nick off, but he was able to dial back and make her feel better.

Nonetheless, Nick gave Raven the group-date rose, making her the first woman confirmed for a hometown date. Corinne was “flabbergasted” and vowed, “I’m not going to let myself fall from this.”

One Woman Goes Home

Danielle M. had the next one-on-one date, and she and Nick rode bikes and explored the island.

They were definitely on different pages, because while Danielle was imagining them tackling huge life events together, Nick was struggling to keep the conversation flowing.

That night, Nick tried to press Danielle about how she was feeling. She didn’t maintain eye contact when she described their “wonderful day,” showing her nerves, but knew she had to open up. Danielle told Nick that she cared about him, but she didn’t know how he felt. Nick’s face dropped in response because he is terrible at hiding emotions.

Nick broke up with Danielle. He wanted to love her, but his heart couldn’t “get there.” He threw in a, “You’re great,” for good measure, to which Danielle sadly replied, “Not great enough.”

Rubbing salt in the wound, Danielle had to go back to the house to pack her things in front of all the other women. She was bawling.

The other women were somber — except for Corinne, who had her eyes on the prize. “It does hurt my heart a little bit that someone so sweet did go home, but I didn’t really see them together and one less girl here,” she shrugged.

Corinne’s Bold Move

With the revelation that she’d “live in a shack with no diamonds for Nick,” the ultimate sacrifice for love, Corinne decided it was time to do something to solidify her relationship. So, she got ready and marched over to Nick’s hotel room to seduce him.

Behind closed doors, Nick rejected her major pass. “Oh, my God. This is so terrible,” she later said. “Tonight definitely did not go as I wanted it to.”

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Nick Viall Mitch Haaseth

Nick Talks Race With Rachel

Rachel was asked on the final one-on-one date before hometowns, and she glowed with excitement.

Nick took her to a locals-only bar, where they discussed what it would be like for her to take Nick home. He tried to ask without directly asking whether his race would be a surprise to her family, and she took the bait and answered that she hadn’t brought home a white man, but she also hadn’t brought home many other men. “I just want you to be yourself,” she said, stressing that, above all, it would be a big deal for her to bring him home.

There was no evening portion of the date because of the rose ceremony that night, but Rachel felt confident enough in the time they had and started buzzing about her day as soon as she found a person to listen.

Another Relationship Ends

After his date with Rachel, Nick knew what he had to do. He told host Harrison that he wanted to end this next relationship ahead of the rose ceremony in a personal and private way. Nick was on a mission, so he headed straight to the house.

Corinne, who used process-of-elimination to decide she was on the chopping block, entered full-blown panic when Nick arrived at the house. He asked for Kristina and took her outside.

Nick opened by saying that this week, he spent time thinking about the end of the journey. Just as he said, “I think you’re someone who from the moment I met you —” Kristina cut him off with a curse and dropped his hand. She knew what was coming. He had a love for her, but he wasn’t in love with her. He felt they could get close, but it was a gamble compared with the other women, who felt more certain.

She felt like he didn’t give her a chance, and he said something that every woman needs to hear at one point or another: “You deserve someone who doesn’t sit in front of you and say there are stronger relationships.”

With Nick sending women home on a whim, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out whether all four remaining women make it to the hometown dates.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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