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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Colton and Tia Finally Decide to Give Their Relationship a Real Try

Bachelor in Paradise 5x03A Recap
Tia on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. ABC/Craig Sjodin

Colton and Tia took the next step in their relationship during the Monday, August 20, episode of Bachelor in Paradise, while Jordan blew up and Kenny played the field.

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Love Square

Tia called out Chris for kissing Krystal behind her back, but Chris said nothing had changed between him and Tia. He still liked her and didn’t understand her frustration over the smooch. Krystal awkwardly interrupted their conversation to give her point of view. With a margarita in hand, Krystal declared, “It’s weird talking about someone I like who likes someone else who likes someone else.” When Tia told Chris she was taking herself out of this love triangle, he made it sound like it was his idea.

Krystal was excited because Chris was suddenly available, but she became upset when he blew her off for the bar. However, they later made up when he let her know her feelings were reciprocated.

Tia realized she was still interested in Colton after he came to her about Chris and Krystal. However, she got emotional when Jacqueline arrived and asked Colton on a date. He turned Jacqueline down, instead taking the time to talk things out with Tia. Except they didn’t make any progress on their relationship status, since he still didn’t know what he wanted from her.

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After Bibiana lit a fire under him, Colton decided to give his relationship with Tia a chance. He had been scared of hurting her, but once he figured out he could either go home or pursue Tia, he threw caution to the wind. She was, of course, thrilled beyond measure following a long six months of back and forth.

Bachelor in Paradise 5x03A Recap
Annaliese and Kenny on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. ABC/Paul Hebert

King of Hearts

Annaliese had been hanging out with Kenny quite a bit, but just when she realized she might want to make things romantic, Jacqueline asked him on a date. He and Jacqueline had “interesting conversation” over dinner and kissed as they watched fireworks.

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Annaliese pulled Kenny aside to make her intentions clear as soon as he returned from his date. Kenny was open to converting their friendship into a relationship and proved as much when he kissed Annaliese.

However, he continued to weigh his options during the cocktail party, where he locked lips with Annaliese, Jacqueline and Bibiana. All three women thought they were getting his rose when their time with him was over. However, he chose to give his rose to Annaliese.

Dog Eat Dog

Jordan flipped out when David gave Jenna a giant stuffed dog for her birthday. He dragged the plush animal across the beach, choked it and threw it into the ocean in a fury. Then he went off on Chelsea and Jubilee when he felt like they were gossiping about him. Jordan later apologized after some prodding from Eric and Annaliese.

Not Meant to Be

John kept exploring his romances with Caroline and Jubilee, but he ultimately gave his rose to Jubilee.

Meanwhile, Nysha, Caroline, Bibiana and Jacqueline were sent home at the rose ceremony.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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