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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall’s Women Finally Confront Him About Corinne, Threaten to Leave

The Backstreet Boys and three Olympic athletes all made cameos on the Monday, January 16, episode of The Bachelor, but somehow Corinne still seemed like the star of Nick Viall’s show. There was whipped cream, nanny talk, a bouncy castle and a lot of naps — oh, yeah, and 17 other women. Watch Us Weekly Video’s recap above, and read on for all the details!

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Liz’s Ghost Haunts the Mansion

The episode picked up right in the aftermath of Liz being sent home. The gossip fiercely spread throughout the mansion, and Nick was forced to address the situation at the top of the rose ceremony cocktail party. “Please ask me. I’m an open book,” he claimed, popping open a fresh can of worms.

Saving him from a night of listening to women act hurt that the Bachelor had had sex with another woman months before the show (although he did ask for it), Corinne embraced the news and decided Nick was due for a surprise. She stripped down to her lingerie, put on a trench coat and treated Nick to a sexy picnic, where the only menu item was whipped cream. “You are a treat,” he said, while definitely appreciating the whipped cream he licked off her boob.

Somehow, Corinne thought something went wrong and she ended up crying in her room and falling asleep with her group date rose before the rose ceremony even began. Nick, not wanting to “validate her behavior,” proceeded to pass out the roses as usual.

Women who had date roses: Corinne and Danielle M.

Women who received roses: Alexis, Astrid, Brittany, Christen, Danielle L., Dominique, Jaimi, Jasmine, Josephine, Kristina, Rachel, Raven, Sarah, Taylor, Vanessa and Whitney

Women who went home: Elizabeth, Hailey and Lacey

The Backstreet Boys with Whitney, Kristina, Danielle L., Nick Viall, Christen, Jasmine, Corinne and Taylor

The Women Do Some Planned Dancing

The first group date card of the week, addressed to Danielle L., Christen, Kristina, Whitney, Taylor, Jasmine and Corinne, just said, “Everybody.”

No one had to think too hard about this because right after the card was read, the Backstreet Boys showed up and told the women they were going to be their backup dancers. All the women screamed and jumped like girls in the late ’90s, as they should.

On the date, Nick saw the excitement over the teen dreams and aptly noted, “Thank God all the Backstreet Boys are happily married,” which was the exact opposite of what all the women were thinking.

Everyone enjoyed the date for the most part, and the Backstreet Boys chose Danielle L. for a special serenade with Nick to their 1999 classic “I Want It That Way.” Nick kissed Danielle L. in front of everyone, which made Corinne want to “throw up everywhere.”

During the evening portion of the date, Corinne admitted that she wasn’t a fan of “planned dancing” — which Nick translated as “choreography” — and apologized for not being at the rose ceremony, even though she didn’t think anyone cared about her absence. (Everyone cared.)

Completely wiped, Corinne took a casual mid-date catnap on a nearby couch before rejoining the other women and bragging about her nanny, Raquel. The women masked their jealousy with horror that a 24-year-old has someone to do her laundry and cut up her cucumbers, a.k.a. The Dream.

BSB dancing queen Danielle L. got the group date rose.

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Nick Actually Does Make a Woman “Throw Up Everywhere”

Vanessa was chosen for this week’s one-on-one date — a Zero-G flight that simulated space-like conditions and allowed Nick and Vanessa to wear incredible astronaut jumpsuits.

They were just a “couple of kids having a great time taking in this very unique experience together,” as Nick eloquently put it, but one flip too many caused Vanessa’s stomach to turn and she ended up face-deep in a barf bag. Not a problem for Nick, who cuddled her and kissed her cheek mid-vomit, then went in for a mouth-kiss after it was over. “Still tastes fine,” he assessed. This is modern love.

Over dinner, Vanessa and Nick bonded over family, and Nick cried because Vanessa made him feel “less terrified” and “very optimistic.” She wiped his tears and accepted his rose.

Dominique, Brittany, Jaimi, Nick Viall, Rachel, Sarah, Alexis and Astrid

The Girls Run Around and Nick Avoids a Runaround

Rachel, Alexis, Astrid, Jaimi, Sarah, Brittany and Dominique received a date card, which read, “I’m done playing the field.” (An interesting promise for the Bachelor to make, but we’ll let it slide.)

The women dressed in their cutest athleisure and met Nick on a track, where Olympic athletes Allyson Felix, Carl Lewis and Michelle Carter led them in a Nick-themed decathlon. Astrid won the “Nickathlon” overall and was awarded hot-tub time with Nick.

While everyone was literally all fun and games, Dominique spent the day upset about the lack of attention Nick had given her. That night, she came in hot and told Nick, in the spirit of honesty, that she didn’t feel like he was giving her a fair shot. Nick dumped her right then and there, citing that their relationship wasn’t as far along as the others. To be fair, this was her first date with Nick.

Nick rejoined the other women and told them he sent Dominique home, then gave the group date rose to Rachel.

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A Typical Bachelor Pool Party

Nick canceled the cocktail party ahead of the rose ceremony in favor of a pool party. “Beautiful women parading in bikinis and sipping cocktails … What could go wrong?” Nick (probably) wondered.

And for a minute, it was heaven! The women encircled Nick as he took his shirt off, Raven lathered sunscreen onto his abs, Jasmine kissed him all over while he blushed — and then, what’s this? Another surprise from Corinne! His “fun and playful” girl got him a bouncy castle!

But it all came crashing when the other women peeked in on the bouncy castle and saw the resident villain straddling their man. When Corinne went inside for her now-standard nap, one woman after another confronted Nick about her Corinne concerns.

Vanessa, who already had a date rose, laid into Nick the hardest, flatly asking, “Are you looking for a wife? Are you looking for someone to f–k around with? Because at that point, I’d rather you just not give me a rose.”

We’re very curious to see how Nick talks his way out of this one… The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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