‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall’s Ex-Girlfriend Shows Up; Corinne Threatens to Punch Rival ‘in the Face’

Pack your bags because we’re leaving the mansion! Nick Viall took his remaining ladies to his hometown in Wisconsin, where they ran into his ex, squeezed udders (not Corinne’s) and spent quality time with his family on The Bachelor’s Monday, January 23, episode. Watch the highlights above and read on for all the details! But first, we need to return to last week’s cliffhanger…

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Corinne’s Rude Awakening

To pick up, we left off at the pre–rose ceremony pool party. Vanessa was asking Nick if he’s just looking for a “someone to f–k around with,” and we were screaming at our TV, “Yeah, Nick, what do you want?”

Well, Nick did not directly answer the question but commiserated with Vanessa, reminding her that he’s totally been there before and it sucked. (Not that this means he’ll avoid putting anyone in that position, obviously.) He asked her to keep calling him out when she noticed things that bugged her because he likes strong women and “very much give[s] a s–t” about Vanessa’s opinions. Also, he requested patience regarding Corinne.

Speaking of being patient with Corinne, after Nick left to get ready for the rose ceremony, Sarah and Taylor decided to wake Corinne from her nap to call her entitled, to which the multimillion-dollar business heiress scoffed, “I’m not privileged in any way, shape or form.” This conversation inspired Corinne to be fake to everyone who was fake to her and set us up for the next two hours to be primarily about Corinne vs. everyone, but mostly Taylor.

Then the rose ceremony came and went, leaving us with Alexis, Astrid, Corinne, Danielle M., Jaimi, Jasmine, Josephine, Kristina, Raven, Sarah, Taylor and Whitney all staying. Danielle L., Rachel and Vanessa had already received roses last week, so Brittany and Christen were sent packing.

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Nick’s Ex Makes a Cameo

Chris Harrison announced that the women were leaving the mansion for Milwaukee, which was met with great excitement since it is Nick’s hometown.

Danielle L. got the first one-on-one date. Highlights included the tour stops on Memory Lane along the way, such as the dirty river some kids tricked Nick into jumping into for $12 and then ran away from to avoid paying up, the library where Nick used to make out with girls and the place where he had “the first.”

The lowlight was the chance encounter with Nick’s ex-girlfriend Amber, who dated the now-Bachelor for three or four months. Danielle L. was much cooler about it than some of the other women would be (we won’t name names), but dropped a, “But um … yeah!” to end her positive thoughts on that portion of the date. Amber didn’t have any hard feelings toward Nick and just said he won’t pursue something he’s not feeling, so that was much less exciting than it could have been.

That night, Nick asked Danielle L. the best getting-to-know-you question we’ve heard on the show thus far: “When was the last time you went grocery shopping in sweatpants?” He liked her answer enough (“All the time!”) to give her a rose.

Nick Viall at a Chris Lane concert. George Burns/ABC

Corinne Confronts the Women

Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sarah, Kristina, Taylor, Josephine, Danielle M. and Corinne went on the group date to a dairy farm, where they all performed manual labor, feeding and milking cows and shoveling manure. Well, all minus Corinne, who excused herself during the manure portion and said she’d have rather been at a spa being fed a nice chicken taco, which didn’t sound ridiculous.

That night, Corinne, who deemed herself “misunderstood” after musing “Do you call this immature?” while grabbing her boobs with each syllable, noticed the growing hostility coming from the other women and encouraged them to talk to her about any concerns.

Everyone jumped at the chance, until Corinne realized she didn’t want to hear everyone’s annoying complaints and ran to Nick to tell him that people were talking about her and that she confronted her naysayers. Much like he did with Vanessa earlier, Nick empathized, saying he knows how it feels to be in that situation. They didn’t kiss, which Corinne took note of.

Kristina got the group-date rose.

Nick Flexes His Family-Man Muscles

Raven got the second one-on-one date in Nick’s hometown, which was especially cute because they spent the day with his favorite sister, Bella — first at her soccer game, then roller-skating with the team.

Nick pushed the relationship a few steps further and introduced Raven to his parents at the soccer game. They asked about her name and she asked normal questions like whether Nick was spanked a lot growing up. (The answer was a boring no; Nick didn’t get into much trouble.)

After being deemed funny, pretty and really nice by Bella and passing the potential sister-in-law test, Nick and Raven finally had some alone time, during which Raven relived walking in on her (now-ex) boyfriend cheating on her, pulling his naked body off the other woman and tackling him before beating him with the woman’s stiletto.

Nick liked Raven’s spunk and gave her the rose.

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Corinne and Taylor Go Head-to-Head

Things steadily heated up between Corinne and Taylor, and by the time the cocktail party arrived, Taylor had already given all of her “f–ks” and all of her “chill.” Meanwhile, Corinne confided in her new best friend, Josephine, over snacks that she’d “had it up to f–king here” and decided to pull Taylor aside for a conversation.

Corinne opened the chat by telling Taylor her attitude and actions have been disgusting. Taylor shot back, calling Corinne insecure. They went back and forth, Corinne telling Taylor to stop treating her like an idiot and Taylor telling Corinne she lacks emotional intelligence, until Corinne “literally [couldn’t] even” and was ready to “literally punch her in the face,” leaving us wondering until next week whether Taylor is going to suddenly need a nose job.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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