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Bachelorette Recap: Amy Schumer Rescues a Group Date, Britt and Brady Reunite

Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette
Kaitlyn Bristowe prepares for her suitors to try to joke their way into her heart on The Bachelorette. 

With that pesky business of which woman would be The Bachelorette out of the way, Kaitlyn Bristowe wanted to do nothing more than get to know her remaining suitors better during the second week of the show. First, though, Chris Harrison checked in to make sure the season’s star was in the right headspace, since the week prior she had seemed rather shocked. “I am so happy the guys chose me!” Kaitlyn chirped. “I cannot wait to get started.”

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Meanwhile, a crushed Britt Nilsson called her mother to tell her she was already coming home. Her mood took a drastic turn, however, when she received a surprise visitor: Brady Toops. Making good on his promise to “find Britt” (which probably wasn’t all that hard considering she was still at the hotel), the musician showed up and pretty much swept her off her feet. “She’s the sweetest, most beautiful person I think I’ve ever met,” Brady gushed, while a brief update revealed that just one week later, Britt was calling him her “boyfriend.” Meanwhile, things didn’t go quite as smoothly for Kaitlyn.

The First Group Date Involves a (Seriously Big) Ring

Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H., and Ben Z. all headed out for the first group date of the season, which involved a boxing ring — because the best way to get know a potential mate is by watching him try to beat the living daylight out of another potential mate. Laila Ali was along to help coach and to wax poetic about how both boxing and love require “focus, discipline, and commitment” (just in case anyone was questioning this choice of activity for a date).

Ben Z. had a big day. First he (accidentally) sent Jared the hospital, then he told Kaitlyn about how his mother died when he was only 14, and then he got a rose, securing his place for the next week. Yes, he made out with Kaitlyn — though it’s probably worth noting that when Ben Z. returned from the hospital for a few minutes, he made out with Kaitlyn too.

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Clint and Kaitlyn Go On the Weirdest. Date. Ever.

Eager to get away from the group date setting, Kaitlyn took off on her first one-on-one date, which happened to be with Clint. The two drove to a gorgeous home with sweeping views of Los Angeles where they participated in an underwater photo shoot. Kaitlyn kept claiming that this is a trend for engagement photos now, which we’re not sure is totally true, but the pair seemed to enjoy it regardless. Kaitlyn declared the date “perfect,” Clint seconded her review, and she gave him her next rose. And yes, they made out underwater, and above water, and later, after dinner, or a roof.

Amy Schumer Outshines Every Suitor on Group Date No. 2

the bachelorette - amy schumer and chris
The dentist shows Amy Schumer he’s a good sport as she pokes fun at his shirt.

In case the boxing date wasn’t painful enough, the second group date forced JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Tony, and Joe to do stand up comedy. Comedienne extraordinaire Amy Schumer was on hand to “help” them fine-tune their sets, but even with her assistance most of them bombed. The good news, though, was that Amy and Kaitlyn hit it off great and Trainwreck star confessed, “I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Whether Amy will get her wish remains to be seen, however, because Kaitlyn seemed pretty into JJ (whom Amy described as a “turd”). But while Amy didn’t seem to approve, JJ bonded with the Bachelorette about his 3-year-old daughter, prompting Kaitlyn to give him her third rose. Also, yes, they made out. Also, all the guys in the house basically hate JJ, and JJ made it clear to them and to Kaitlyn that he doesn’t care.

the bachelorette - kaitlyn and joe
Joe tries to impress Kaitlyn on the comedy stage.

No Rose Ceremony Needed

As the rose ceremony approached, the guys who hadn’t gotten a chance to spend much time with Kaitlyn worked their hardest to make an impression before it was too late. Kupah had been on the first group date, but had spent more time chatting with Laila than Kaitlyn and perhaps realized his mistake a bit too late. Realizing he needed some one-on-one time, the 32-year-old entrepreneur pulled Kaitlyn aside — but he probably would have better off if he hadn’t.

In a fumbling mess that was hard to watch, Kupah managed to both offend and completely turn off Kaitlyn. He passive-aggressively accused her of keeping him around for dishonest reasons (though he didn’t specify what they were) and then told her, “I didn’t feel like there was a connection until right now.” Kaitlyn promptly responded, “To be honest, I actually felt a connection until now.” Oops. He then tried to recover by telling her how good-looking she was and that he really wanted to be there, but she was looking at him like she wanted to kill him.

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Things went from bad from to worse when Kaitlyn later overheard an obviously annoyed Kupah giving the rest of the guys a play-by-play of their conversation. She pulled him aside and told him, “I’m sorry; I have to let you go.” He tried not taking no for an answer, calling upon their mutual love of movie quotes as a reason to keep him around, but Kaitlyn remained unconvinced and sent him packing. Seemingly not having learned one thing from the last thirty minutes of filming, Kupah had a total meltdown and became aggressive with a camera guy. Not only did this make for excellent television, but it had the added benefit of reassuring Kaitlyn that he decision was the right one.

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