Bachelorette Ali May “Not Find Anyone in the End”


Former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas thinks Ali Fedotowsky may not give anyone the final rose on the ABC show's finale.

"Final two will be Roberto and Chris L. But I'm still a bit unsure if Ali even chooses one in the end," Pappas — who split from fiance Jesse Csincsak, whom she found on Season 4, in November 2008– tells

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"I think my final two are a solid choice, and I think she really really likes them, but I usually hear a rumor of who's going to win, and I haven't heard anything," continues Pappas, 28. "If she doesn't find anyone in the end, she will not choose anyone. But if she does pick a final one, I think it will be Roberto."

Fedotowsky, 25, hinted that she's still single in an interview on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Monday.

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Pappas says she gets why Fedotowsky swoons over Roberto.

"Right now Ali only has eyes for Roberto. He melts her heart every time she sees him," Pappas says. "I can relate because on my season, my Roberto was Graham.  I literally only had eyes for him, and I think of that every time she looks at him. "

She thinks Fedotowsky kept Jonathan around because she felt bad for him.

"Each rose ceremony you have a couple guys where it's like… its time for them to go. So what she probably did — and what I did — was you send home the guys that you are absolutely sure it's not going to work," she says. "Someone you did actually enjoy having around or at least enjoyed having a conversation with them, you would keep them around another week."

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She laments having to dump somebody after a one-on-one date.

"It's so awkward. Those one on one dates are awful because you're put in this somewhat romantic situation," Pappas says. "When her and Hunter were in the hot tub, he leaned in and she turned her face and he kissed her shoulder. I cringed! They have to go home if there's absolutely no romantic chemistry. But you still have to sit there and hold the rose and explain why you're not giving it to him and that's heartbreaking." (Hunter was sent home.)

Pappas warns Fedotowsky to be careful around Justin "Rated R," whom she believes has a secret.

"Some people say he's sweet and endearing and its nice that he cares about Ali so much — and then the other half of the people are like… he's probably going to be the one on the season who's like 'Oh, I have a girlfriend,'" she says. "I am with that half of the people."

Continues Pappas, "I think he's got something up his sleeve and in the next couple of episodes, we're going to learn a lot about him… he's going to be a lot of trouble for Ali."

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