Bachelor’s Shawntel Was “Excited” to Show Brad Funeral Home


As a funeral director, ousted Bachelor contestant Shawntel Newton works with dead people — but Brad Womack made her feel absolutely alive.

Although Womack showed her the door on last Monday's episode, "I don't regret telling him that I was in love with him at all," Newton told in L.A. on Friday.

The Chico, Calif. native insisted she doesn't "throw around" the L word with men. "I've only told two guys in my life that I love them," she admitted. "So it was a big deal, and I wouldn't just make it up and I wouldn't just say it just because."

What turned Womack off was a morbid "date" Newton staged at her family's funeral home.

"I was actually excited" about the visit, she told Us. "Because I thought 'Okay — he seems comfortable with this.  He's actually laying on the prep table.  This is pretty good!  I'm doing good so far.'"

She quickly noticed that Womack was uneasy with the family business. "I could see it in his eyes. He was just like, 'Well, this is different.' And it would be for anyone."

"I don't normally take a guy to the funeral home on the first date!" she pointed out. "When you're in love with someone you're going to do things you never thought that you would do, ever.  And I thought that that would help with Brad's decision with keeping me for a little bit."

Her plan backfired, sadly. "Unfortunately I got the boot!"

Still, she praises Womack for helping her set a new "standard" in a man.

"This amazing guy [made] me feel like a woman and made me feel good," she gushed. "He was funny and was cute and had that Southern charm, which I fell in love with."

As for Womack's final pick, Newton (who's still single) shared her prediction: "I personally think he's with Emily…Emily is everything Brad wants. I think they're going to have babies!"

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