Bachelor’s Valishia: I “Feel Bad” I Told Rozlyn I Didn’t Believe Her


Former Bachelor contestant Valishia Savage tells she regrets selling out former roommate Rozlyn Papa on Monday's Women Tell All special.

On the special, three women stepped forward to say they saw Rozlyn, 29, getting physical with producer Ryan Callahan. Valishia, 32, said she always believed that Rozlyn and the producer were just friends until she woke up one morning at 4 a.m. and Rozlyn wasn't in her bed. "I always wanted to think the best," Valishia told Rozlyn, "but I don't think I believe you anymore."

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Valishia now tells Us that she spoke against Rozlyn because, while filming Women Tell All, "I heard everyone else's stories, and I kind of felt a little bombarded by producers and people who tried to sway me to that side.

"Still, to this day, I never saw anything that made me think it was a sexual relationship. Never," Valishia tells Us. "And I was the closest to her — I was her roommate! I had the same producer she had come visit me at my house. If anything, he was very forward and flirtatious."

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Valishia tells Us she feels bad "because on the show, I said I don't think I believe you anymore, and at that point, I didn't think I did because everybody was hounding me with all this information. But then after the show aired, Rozlyn called and told me her side, which is always what I felt to begin with. I really felt that [producers and castmates] took advantage of the whole situation.

"I don't think there was a sexual relationship," Valishia goes on. "I think there was an inappropriate relationship; I think the producer told her information he shouldn't have and they became friends."

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Rumors of a romance grew "because of gossip in the house," says Valishia.

"The girls were threatened by how beautiful Rozlyn is." Rozlyn is "flirtatious," Valishia says, "so people jumped to conclusions and that created the story and then they just let it go to this snowball effect. I just don't know who to believe, but my heart still feels that this has blown way overboard."

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Valishia tells Us she has apologized to Rozlyn and they plan on being "friends.

"We're both single moms, so there's that bond," Valishia tells Us. "To tell you the truth, even if she had slept with him, I don't even care. It wouldn't change [the fact] that I want to friends with her. That's her own personal life, and I don't judge. I want to know the facts and I want to see them in front of me, and what I saw in front of me does not relate to a sexual affair at all."

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